Small Steps That Can Lead to More Joyful Living

Small Steps That Can Lead to More Joyful Living

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During these trying and uncertain times, sometimes having a full tank of gas to get through the day is a lot to ask of us. Where are we to get all the energy we need in the day to balance our work, homeschool our kids, live as normal of a life as we can and so much more?

Sometimes a simple mind shift and taking a few small steps toward change makes a world of difference during this ever-changing season. Small steps can lead to big changes and big changes can lead to a more joyful way of life.

Here are a few things you can do that are positive to your overall health, giving you more energy and balance.

Water, Water, Water!

Keeping hydrated is a great way to help improve your overall energy level. A good rule of thumb is to drink half your body weight in ounces per day. It helps to drink 20 ounces of your total first thing in the morning to help start the daily process. You can always jazz it up by adding fresh fruit or drinking warm water with lemon to help boost your immune system and balance the pH levels in your body.

Restful Sleep

Getting enough sleep each night is a powerful tool, simple as it sounds. Clocking seven to nine hours of sleep a night is ideal, if you can manage it. Incorporating these small changes can have long-lasting effects. Practice regular sleep patterns by going to bed at the same time each night. Disconnect from all technology at least an hour before bed, including your TV and phone in your bedroom. Also, if you are feeling worried or anxious, it helps to write down anything that may be causing you stress. A simple list will do. Write down what you plan to do the next day, as well. This will help free up your mind and allow for a restful night’s sleep.

Move That Body!

When we think about exercising, sometimes it can be overwhelming to add another task to our daily to-do lists. Start small; any movement is good, even if it is just five minutes a day. Think about what you liked to do as a kid — dance, run, jump on a trampoline? What made you feel happy? Try that out! Think outside the box. A game of tag with the kids will definitely get your heart and body moving while having some fun, too.

By making these simple changes, you are helping to balance out your blood sugar levels, which will improve your overall physical and emotional wellbeing. It also will give you more energy, thus adding more fuel to your day! Remember, little steps can equal big results. As always, though, don’t forget to grant yourself grace when trying something different.

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