Keep Your Kids Safe this Summer

Keep Your Kids Safe this Summer

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Northeast Ohio Parent magazine hosted a Summer Safety Facebook Chat, sponsored by Goldfish Swim School (, to provide readers with ways to keep their families safe and happy this summer. Here are some tips from the local experts who participated.

Staying Hydrated

Heather Trnka, injury prevention coordinator at Akron Children’s Hospital and coordinator at Safe Kids Summit County: Water is the best option as it has no sugar or added dyes, but if your kids are reluctant, watered down sports drink is ok. To make water fun, add cucumbers, raspberries, mint leaves — whatever your kids would enjoy.


Sports and Play Protection

Safe Kids Summit County: Overuse injuries are one of the top sports-related injuries we see at Akron Children’s Hospital. It’s important to remind kids to stretch before and after a sport.

Playground World: When choosing a playground, look at the quality of the wood. Also, you want something your kids will grow into, not out of. Take your kids with you; they will show you what they like. Also, let them test out the equipment.


What should parents do when it comes to keeping kids safe around water?

Goldfish Swim School – Cleveland East Side: Put phones away at the pool. No texting or reading magazines. Designated water watchers are important regardless of the age of the child; even the most experienced swimmer can encounter trouble.


How do you keep your families happy, healthy active and safe?

Diana Munz DePetro, Olympic Gold Medalist Swimmer: If you make safety fun and not a “have to” rule, your kids won’t even know … then it just becomes part of their routine!

University Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital: For lots of families, summertime means road trips. Make sure that all children are properly restrained when in the car. That means keeping children in a rear facing car seat until at least 2 years old, and then using a forward facing seat as long as possible.

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