Parent Tip of the Week: Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Parent Tip of the Week: Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

tip-of-the-week-featured2(Family Features) Halloween is next week and you’ve managed to forget to buy a costume for yourself? Or worse, your kids?

Many  people look forward to participating in “frightful” festivities, such as costume parties and contests, but often wait until the last minute to come up with a costume.

This usually leaves slim pickings at party stores and costume shops or a tossed together look. With a little planning and creativity, you can avoid the scramble this year and create a classic Halloween costume using items you probably have at home, or can easily and affordably find.

Easy DIY finds

Follow these tips and tricks – and treat yourself to a costume that will make this Halloween sweeter than ever.


  • Use it as a time to clean out your closet. Those old, unused threads might serve as the basis for a great costume.
  • On that note – don’t overlook your “memories.” Pull out sports or dance uniforms from your glory days in high school and have an ensemble ready.
  • Crafting gear nearby? Great. It’s easy to create a charming costume with just scissors, glue and a little bling.


Delightful dress-up ideas

Here are some examples of clever costumes you can make at home.

 Morton Salt Girl costume

Celebrate the Morton Salt Girl’s 100th birthday this year by sporting her iconic look for Halloween. Once you’re all dressed up you may want to enter the Morton Salt Girl Halloween Costume Contest and Sweepstakes at

These are just a few of the items you will need to bring this classic look to life:


  • Yellow dress
  • White tights or stockings
  • Yellow Mary Jane shoes
  • An umbrella, preferably lavender, white or clear
  • A Morton Salt table salt canister to tuck under your arm


Cowboy costume

Wrangle up some fun with your very own cowboy costume. Here are some of the elements you’ll need to complete the look:


  • Flannel shirt
  • Leather pants or jeans
  • Cowboy boots
  • Cowboy hat
  • Bandana
  • A long rope


Ballerina costume

Consider twirling the night away in a ballerina costume with these key pieces:


  • Camisole top or leotard
  • Tutu or short flowy skirt
  • Tights or stockings
  • Flats or ballet shoes

So don’t be scared to create your own Halloween costume. With a few items from your closet and a little creativity, you can make a memorable outfit perfect for any spooky celebration.


Real Simple Magazine also pulled together a great list of fast, easy and inexpensive options.

Do you want to be an Iron Chef?
Wear a chef’s hat ($7.50, or an apron and hold an iron. Bonus points if a friend dresses as your (orange-clogged) competition: Mario Batali.
Visit for a complete list.

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