What is Opti-Speech and How Can it Help My Child?

What is Opti-Speech and How Can it Help My Child?

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Opti-Speech is a complement to traditional speech therapy. State-of-the-art technology is used to visualize the tongue based on the position of tiny sensors. Seeing the tongue and how it should move can enhance and accelerate results from traditional speech treatment.

Who is a candidate?

Children (8 years of age and older) and adults who have found limited success in traditional speech therapy, or whose progress has stalled. It is especially helpful for individuals working on the “r” and “s” sounds.

What is Treatment Like?

You will be asked to say the sound(s) you have trouble with many times, and asked to move your tongue, lips, and jaw in different ways. You will have sensors glued to your tongue so you can see how they feel. You will be audio recorded while you read a personalized list of words.

Visual Fitting
Based on the movement of your tongue, the treating speech-language pathologist will create visual targets for you that will be used during all treatment sessions.

Treatment Sessions
Each of the 10 treatment sessions is one hour long. You will be able to view the visual of your tongue and work on hitting custom targets to help you correct the sound(s) you have trouble with.

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