Why is Kindness Important?

Why is Kindness Important?

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Recent history has shown us that just as easily as our country can come together in a time of crisis, it can be torn apart by meanness, intolerance, and hatred.

It is hard to imagine that something as simple as sharing kindness could reverse the feelings of negativity we feel after watching the news or scrolling through our social media feeds. But kindness can. It is a fact that it takes five positive impressions to counteract one negative impression in the human mind, and the effects of kindness have been proven to have an impact on personal, medical, and workplace issues.

There’s just one problem: We don’t hear enough about the positive, kind things that happen around us each and every day to combat all of the negativity. That’s what the Kindland movement can do.

Presented by the Northeast Ohio non-profit organization, Values-in-Action Foundation, the Kindland movement is bringing together communities, businesses, organizations, and schools to recognize and share the acts of kindness around us. The goal is to create a community that can sustain a unified sense of kindness, compassion, empathy and understanding. These values are the foundation we need for our community to have the strength to find solutions to our most prominent issues, including navigating through the COVID-19 crisis, poverty, social justice, racism, and political polarization.

Together, we can inspire a ground swell of positivity and goodness that will solidify Northeast Ohio as the kindest place in the nation, and it starts with you.​ Kindland relies on the power of the people to do, recognize, report, and share acts of kindness.

Take the Kindland pledge at BeKindland.com, and commit to sharing acts of kindness and positive stories on social media by tagging @BeKindland and using #Kindland. You can also share acts of kindness using the Just Be Kind App, available at JustBeKindApp.com

Together, we are Kindland.

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