Podcast #80: Boys and Body Image

Podcast #80: Boys and Body Image

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On the latest episode of aParently Speaking, host Miriam Conner is joined by body image expert Dr. Charlotte Markey, a psychology professor at Rutgers University and co-author of “Being You: The Body Image Book for Boys,” who shares some important insights based on her extensive research. Listen as they discuss some of these topics and what parents can do about them.

  •     A third of teen boys are trying to gain weight or “bulk up.”
    Dr. Charlotte Markey
  •     Many boys equate ‘muscularity’ with ‘popularity.’
  •     Almost 40% of teen boys have used (clinically untested) supplements like protein powders.
  •     Approximately a quarter of people with eating disorders are boys or men (some estimates are closer to 1/3).
  •     Recent research found that 75% of all boys wish their body size was different than it currently is.
  •     Up to 60% of boys are adopting unhealthy habits to increase the size of their muscles.

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