Help Cleveland Metroparks Name Zoo’s Tiger Cubs

Help Cleveland Metroparks Name Zoo’s Tiger Cubs

Baby Tigers in quarantine at Steffe Center on January 20, 2021 at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo. The cubs were born on Christmas Day. (Kyle Lanzer/Cleveland Metroparks)

Cleveland Metroparks Zoo launched a naming opportunity for its pair of Amur tiger cubs that were born in late December.

The cubs, a male and female, were born overnight between December 24 and December 25, 2020. They are the first tigers born at Cleveland Metroparks Zoo in 20 years.

The cubs are currently being hand-reared by a special team of Animal Care experts behind the scenes at the Zoo’s Sarah Allison Steffee Center for Zoological Medicine. Once they are a few months old, having gained adequate strength and fitness, they will make their home at the Zoo’s Rosebrough Tiger Passage.

The names pay homage to Amur tigers’ native regions in Russia. Each donation will help combat illegal wildlife trade, which has threatened the species towards extinction. Make a donation of any amount for the names of your choice. The names that receive the highest donation total by February 24, 2021, will determine the winning names (see names in consideration below).


Male cub:




Female cub:




To participate in the naming opportunity, guests can cast a vote online at

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