How to Pack for an Active Outdoor Vacation

How to Pack for an Active Outdoor Vacation

Summer is undoubtedly one of our favorite seasons of the year; it allows us to visit beautiful places and enjoy sunshine and beauty around the globe. It’s also the perfect time for an outdoor vacation, especially to places where the weather isn’t always great.

Now, if you have an outdoor vacation planned, there are some things to consider while packing. While your typical beach vacation could see you packing a few bikinis or swimsuits and maybe a nice outfit or two, packing for activities will require another kind of planning. Take a look at these tips:

Think about the type of activities you’ll be doing

Not every outdoor vacation is the same, so packing for your vacation will be dependent on what you have in mind. For example, if you’re an avid runner and you’re heading to a destination that is well-known for its fabulous running trails, you’d pack your best running shorts, shoes, and other running gear.

However, if you love free diving or prefer underwater sports, you’ll need to either pack a wetsuit, goggles, flippers, etc. How you pack is largely dependent on the activities you have in mind.

Consider renting gear instead of packing it

If you love a sport that is dependent on a large piece of equipment, such as a bike for mountain biking or surfing, you may want to consider renting a rental at your destination. This is especially true if you’re flying, as packing and transporting your favorite bike or board could be tricky and may have the potential for disaster should something happen to your “best frie


Consider weather conditions

You may be spending a hot and toasty summer in Austin, but you have a mountain bike trip planned to the mountains of Colorado, and so you pack what you’d pack in Texas: shorts, shoes, t-shirt, maybe your favorite biking jersey, etc. That’s great; but have you ever been riding on the high alpine trails of the mountains of Colorado? Sudden showers happen frequently, and it can be chilly up there. Pack some extra items in your bag, such as socks, light jackets, etc., so that should you find yourself in a sudden mountain shower, you’ll stay warm.

Plan for the unexpected

If you’re planning to do some back country exploring, whether hiking or bike packing, it’s best to be more prepared than you think you should be. Pack extra water bottles, as well as headlamps, batteries, etc. While you may not plan to stay in the woods overnight, it’s still a good idea to be prepared. Plan on investing in some bear spray when you get to your destination. It’s always better safe than sorry.

Don’t forget sunblock

This may seem like a funny suggestion, but the truth is that it’s an often-overlooked item in many people’s outdoor backpacks. Always wear sunblock; your skin needs protection and with more time spent outside, it’s important to bring it.

Along with environmentally friendly sunscreen, don’t forget the other important toiletries that are environmentally friendly that you’ll want to take with you. Since you’ll be in the great outdoors, you want to show respect by using products that won’t harm our planet.

In Conclusion

From the mountains to the ocean, active outdoor vacations are definitely some of the best. A prepared outdoors person is a safe person who will live to tell the tale of their time spent outside on vacation. Keep the above tips in mind and make the most of your next adventure.

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