Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Encourages Teachers & Parents to Access Free Online Resources

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Encourages Teachers & Parents to Access Free Online Resources

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The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame is closed to the public for now, but encourages parents and teachers working to create plans for distance learning to explore its free online resources that help engage students through the power of rock & roll.

Visit Rock Hall EDU, the Rock Hall’s new digital learning platform, to create a free account and access professionally developed lesson plans, activities, presentations, videos, playlists and digitized primary source materials from the Rock Hall’s Library & Archives.

Rock Hall resources meet national and state learning standards in a variety of subject areas, including music, social studies, English and more.

These online resources help the Rock Hall serve its mission while continuing to engage and interact with fans while the Rock Hall is temporarily closed. Rock Hall EDU posts new content regularly and its database is searchable by subject, grade (kindergarten through college), decade (1950s through today), or media type.

Examples of featured content include:

Spotlight Collection: The Beatles
Introduce students to the Fab Four – one of the most influential bands in rock’s history. Inside the collection you can view a presentation, sift through archival materials, download a writing prompt or read bout John Lennon’s life from an original essay written by Parke Puterbaugh of Rolling Stone.

Rock N’ Learn Worksheets
Use these two-page activity sheets to help younger students learn and practice the letters of the alphabet. Color, count, read, and write together while listening along to suggested rock & roll hits and learning about Rock Hall Inductees.

Ancient Myths Meet Rock & Roll Playlist
Myths recount heroic tales, teach life lessons, and help us learn about ancient cultures. Use this playlist to introduce students to Greek and Roman mythology and explore how these stories are retold through the art of rock & roll. Invite older learners to compare rock interpretations of the myths with the original stories as well as retellings of these tales in literature, painting, video games, and other media.

Electric Guitar Collection
This collection highlights the electric guitar, one of the most influential instruments throughout the history of rock & roll. Students can watch the video about the electric guitar to learn about how it works and its role in rock music. The “Bootsy Collins Space Bass Activity” is great for younger students, and older students can read the essays about guitarists Chuck Berry and Les Paul to learn more about the instrument in early rock.

Early Hip-Hop Collection
The popularity and influence of hip-hop music and culture continues to this day, but it all started in the South Bronx in the 1970s. Use this collection to teach students about hip-hop’s first two decades. Have students listen to the “Early Hip-Hop Playlist” to hear what the music sounded like in the beginning, and show them how some of hip-hop’s beats come straight out of funk music with the “Parliament-Funkadelic Samples in Hip-Hop” video.

Experience more of the Rock Hall and the music you love online by visiting or its Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages. Long Live Rock!

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