Snow Day Fun for All Ages

Snow Day Fun for All Ages

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Northeast Ohio may be having the mildest winter we have seen in a long time, but let’s face it: winter is coming. Whether the snow flurries decide to fall upon us all in January or wait for the months following, we all have anxious children awaiting their first snow day of 2020.

Remember sitting in front of the television as a child, watching the news, patiently waiting for your school’s name to scroll across the bottom of the screen? It was the only way to know if you had a snow day.  That, and when the landline started to ring from excited classmates spreading the news.

Today’s snow day predictors and constant news coverage leave little to the imagination for day-dreaming students with snow day hopes. However, when one finally strikes, here are a few incredible snow day activities that are perfect for grade school kids!

This is a classic paper chain with a darling twist. How cute are these paper chain snowmen? A few pieces of construction paper, a glue stick and scissors and your little ones are set to create their very own! Click here for the details, plus more fun ideas.


When I stumbled across this snowball launcher, I immediately knew I had to add it to this snow day fun round-up. It’s perfect for all ages, and even better for a silly indoor snowball fight using plush snowballs!


These waterless snow globes ignite creativity and individuality. Grab a few unused mason jars, leftover holiday decor, and even a few tiny toys to add to this magical globe of wonder!


Colorful sensory rice is a quarterly project in my house for the kids. Not only is it a blast to make, it is fantastic to keep in a small storage container. Pop off the lid, add a few small toys, measuring cups and bowls, and you will be astonished at the amount of time your little one will spend at this bin daily!


When the temperatures turn too frigid, bring the snow inside! Fill an empty storage bin with snow and let your little ones decide what they would like to add to it. My boys love mixing bowls of food coloring and water, using paint brushes to paint the snow different colors!


Last, but certainly not least is snow ice cream! It’s such a silly spin on “what do to with fresh fallen snow?” that will leave your children in awe of this whimsical treat that you just whipped up in the kitchen!


As soon as the snow falls, refer back to this post to create some snow day magic with your family!

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