‘Vroom! A Car Adventure’ Opens Friday at Great Lakes Science Center

‘Vroom! A Car Adventure’ Opens Friday at Great Lakes Science Center

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The Science Center is turning automobiles inside out and exploring the science, technology, engineering and math that makes them go in Vroom! A Car Adventure, opening March 15. From a Tot Garage area for the youngest tinkerers to an exhibit that demonstrates how self-driving cars are able to see using a LIDAR sensor, Vroom! is sure to get every guest’s curiosity racing. Visit Vroom! from March 15 through September 2.

Strap in for a wild ride as you:

  • Tinker with aerodynamics and weight distribution while building a car to race on giant Derby Dash ramps.
  • Test your reflexes and reaction time using a real drag-racing tree.
  • Race against Lenny, a robotic arm, to complete a circuit maze and learn about automation in car manufacturing.
  • Explore the “under the hood” mechanisms that help a car function, including pistons, shock absorbers, brakes and differentials.
  • Build a gear train and discover the role gears play in a car’s transmission.
  • Investigate aerodynamics using our full-body augmented reality wall.
  • Experiment with force and motion on our giant “physics playground,” complete with loop-the-loops, winding ramps and customizable magnetic tracks.
  • Create a personalized license plate rubbing to take home.
  • Design and draw your own car just like the professionals with backlit tracing tables.
  • Discover how square wheels can roll smoothly on a specially-shaped road.
  • Practice your problem-solving skills at two giant “Rush Hour” puzzle game stations.
  • Play mechanic and change a tire, replace the oil, swap out a muffler and more in the immersive “Super Service Center” auto garage

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