5 Tips to Help Save Your Struggling Relationship

5 Tips to Help Save Your Struggling Relationship

Photo Credit : Priscilla Du Preez (Unsplash)

No matter what romantic movies would have us believe, relationships are difficult, and require a great deal of compromise and sacrifice on a daily basis. There are lots of external challenges that can put additional pressure on a relationship. For instance, financial issues, family dynamics, and career pressures all have the potential to take their toll on relationships. It’s rarely ever smooth sailing. Even the best of relationships will experience their ups and downs. If you find yourself in an ongoing unhappy situation but you aren’t ready to give up just yet, here are some tips to help you save that struggling relationship:


Have Some Alone Time

Being with another person for long periods of time can become difficult. Little things will start to annoy you. When we get used to someone being in our lives, we can also start taking them for granted and become a little complacent about the relationship. Furthermore, your relationship shouldn’t ever become the sole focus of your life. It is important to have passions outside your romantic relationship, such as friends, family, sports, and hobbies. If you feel like you are getting on top of each other a little, why not take some time out to spend alone and refocus on other key aspects of your life? Give your partner the space to do their own thing, too. It may just be the thing you need to reconnect.


Don’t Play Power Games

Playing power games to regain control of your relationship is a bad idea. Giving someone the silent treatment or intentionally being distant won’t do you any favors in the long term. While it may work in the short-term, this won’t create a good foundation for your future relationship. If there is an issue, opt to address it openly rather than giving your partner the cold shoulder.


Respect Each Other’s Differences

Even the best-matched couple won’t see eye to eye on everything. While it is okay to set your deal-breakers, there are also times in your life where you may just have to agree to disagree. Respect is an important element of any healthy relationship so try to maintain this no matter what. Don’t focus on the negative all the time, and instead show gratitude for the things that they do right. Be generous with compliments and make an effort to show them you care even when you don’t agree on something.


Spend Quality Time With Each Other

Even when you’ve passed the dating stage of a relationship, it is important to spend quality time with each other where there are no daily distractions. Whether this means attending a special seasonal event or starting a healthy new hobby together, choose something that works for both of you. Not only will you be doing something fun and productive, but you’ll also be creating some positive memories together.


Seek Professional Support

Finally, if you reach the point when you feel you’ve tried all the usual methods to boost your relationship and things still aren’t improving, perhaps it’s time to seek some professional help. Having some support from an external actor that can look at your relationship more objectively without being emotionally attached can have huge benefits. Approach a reputable counselor with experience in the field, and you’ll soon see how couples counseling helps people in difficult situations.


In this era of online dating, people often treat relationships as something disposable where they can replace a romantic partner with a quick swipe on their smartphones. However, this attitude of simply giving up at the first time of trouble won’t get you very far if you are looking for long-term love. Healthy relationships require work, and taking a few simple steps to invest in your relationship will reap the rewards further down the line. Be kind to yourself and keep your chin up out there.

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