Rustic Grill at StoneWater Delivers Meals for ‘Feed our Frontline’

Rustic Grill at StoneWater Delivers Meals for ‘Feed our Frontline’

Photos courtesy of The Rustic Grill at StoneWater

The Rustic Grill at StoneWater, located in Highland Heights, is feeding frontline workers. Every few weeks its staff will deliver donated meals to frontline workers throughout the community.  The first delivery of 531 meals took place on April 24 to Hillcrest Hospital.

“Feed our Frontline” requests the help of anyone willing to donate. So far, 531 meals have be donated, with 354 donated by the public and 177 donated from the Rustic Grill. To donate, call The Rustic Grill at 440-461-4653 x106. For every 10 meals donated, the Rustic Grill will donate an additional 5 meals. Anyone donating can add a note of appreciation that will be included with the meal and also make suggestions for other organizations. Pricing is $12 per meal and can be purchased in any increments.

Sisters Whitney, Lindsey and Kathryn Neidus collectively implemented “Feed Our Frontlines” to give back to workers who are on the frontlines. The sisters, who grew up in the area and run the restaurant, decided that nearby Hillcrest was the natural first choice for this program. They wanted to give back to the many people and friends at Hillcrest who make a difference daily and have been even greater heroes in more recent days.

“We are looking forward to partnering with the generous people of Northeast Ohio to feed our heroic healthcare workers,” said Chef Kathryn Neidus. “So far, the response has been amazing. Like so many people in this area, my sisters and I were delivered at Hillcrest; I delivered my daughter at Hillcrest; and we have many many friends and patrons who work at Hillcrest. Thus, it was any easy decision to choose Hillcrest to be our first delivery. This is a really strong community and we’re hopeful this will be the first of many deliveries to local hospitals and other frontline workers over the coming weeks.”

If you’d like to donate a meal or nominate a hospital or frontline workforce to receive meals, please call The Rustic Grill, 440. 461.4653 x106.

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