Brand New Court Design for Cleveland Cavaliers

Brand New Court Design for Cleveland Cavaliers

The 2016 NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers home court has a new look.  The Cavs will unveil a brand new court design that will serve as the team’s playing canvas at Quicken Loans Arena for the 2016-17 season.

The maple hardwood playing surface features a light stain throughout the entire court and is framed with a bold black perimeter that is spirited off of the Cavs popular sleeved black uniforms. The lane is solid wine with bright gold accents.

The team’s signature “C” logo continues at center court, featuring navy block shadows and gold outlining. The half court line features a Cavaliers sword in a natural wood tone that runs through the center of the C logo.


New Court design. Courtesy of CAVS

The baselines, painted in black, display “Cleveland Cavaliers” in wine and gold. “Quicken Loans Arena” is displayed on each half court, and the east sideline features “”  near the home bench with the team’s Twitter handle “@Cavs” at the visitor’s bench. The Cavs DNA statement “All for One. One for All” is centered on the west sideline and will include the names of all Wine & Gold United members (the team’s year-round season ticket based club) within the letters.

Designed by the Cavaliers graphics team, the court was constructed by Robbins Portable Floors in Cincinnati, Ohio.  It is composed of 210, 4’ x 8’ pieces and 15, 4’ x 4’ pieces, and takes approximately one hour to assemble.

Fans will get a preview of the new court throughout the preseason, with the final finishing touches revealed at the Opening Night Championship Celebration on October 25.

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