Cleveland Public Library’s Book Locker in Newburgh Heights

Cleveland Public Library’s Book Locker in Newburgh Heights

PHOTO COURTESY OF Cleveland Public Library

Check out this new way to receive books, movies, and other materials in Newburgh Heights.

Cleveland Public Library leaders joined Newburgh Heights Village on Friday to celebrate the opening of the area’s first book locker.

The Grab & Go locker serves as a standalone, fully automated branch that allows users to pick up books and other materials during business hours.

Library patrons can now reserve items from the Cleveland Public Library and pick them up at Village Hall. The lockers are accessible 24/7.

To use the locker, patrons can put the library item on hold, then choose Cleveland/Newburgh Heights Lockers as the pick-up location. They will get an item-available notice once it’s delivered to Newburgh, and can pick it up by scanning their library card at the locker in Village Hall.

For more information on the Grab & Go locker, visit

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