Kids Have ‘Minion’ Fun at the Mentor Library

Kids Have ‘Minion’ Fun at the Mentor Library

Kids sing the Banana Song at the Mentor Library program. Photo by Jason Lea

Anyone with a child or grandchild younger than 12, already knows about the recently released Minions movie. The yellow (and occasionally cycloptic) lackeys that first appeared as evil mastermind Gru’s underlings in Despicable Me have been omnipresent recently

Even Mentor Public Library is getting caught up in Minions-mania.

Dozens of minions-in-training descended Wednesday, June 8, upon MPL’s Read House to practice their mischief-making. If they completed six not-so-evil tasks, evil mastermind Gru would accept them in his employ.

Lillian and Ross show the minions they made at Mentor Public Library. Photo by Jason Lea

The tasks included bowling, singing “The Banana Song” and using remote-controlled cars to feed bananas to the minions. Once completed, the kids received their spoils for a day’s worth of minion-ing.

Mentor Library still has several programs scheduled as part of its summer reading program, the theme of which is Every Hero Has a Story. The library isn’t just celebrating superheroes either. It also has programs dedicated to literary and community heroes, as well.

And there’s still time to join the more than 1,400 kids who have signed up for summer reading at Mentor Public Library.

For every hour a child reads or is read to, they receive a raffle ticket that can help them win one of dozens of cool prizes—from telescopes and microscopes to Lego sets and Superhero Barbie. The more someone reads, the better chance they have of winning.

If a child reads 20 hours by Aug. 1, they will be entered into a special raffle to win one of two $50 gift certificates from Toys ‘R Us.

Mentor Library also has a summer reading program (and prizes) for teens and adults, as well. For more information about summer reading, call 440-255-8811 or visit Mentor Library’s website,


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