Going to the Dentist Isn’t What it Used to be, Thanks to the Solea Dental Laser

Going to the Dentist Isn’t What it Used to be, Thanks to the Solea Dental Laser

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How our Bay Village pediatric office is creating more patient smiles through dental visits without the needle and drill

As dentists, we love what we do and would like to believe our patients enjoy visiting our office as much as we enjoy having them there. Unfortunately, though, this has not always been the reality. Because dental visits often are associated with the loud and unnerving sound of the drill, sharp needles, and overall intimidating surroundings, pediatric patients can fear us. 

However, we now have something miraculous called the Solea dental laser that’s doing the impossible by making children of all ages excited about seeing their dentists!

At Bay Pediatric Dentistry, it’s our goal to provide dental care in a personalized and compassionate manner because our young patients and their parents’ happiness matter most — this is why we added the Solea laser to our office. Before, we relied on our drills, scalpels and that dreaded “pinch” of the needle. Although we did everything to make the experience as pleasant as possible, these factors were creating a stressful environment and negatively affecting everyone in the room: the children, parents, our team and us.


Solea: the laser helping to raise a generation that’s not afraid of the dentist

Think back to when you were a child: what do you recall about the dentist? Maybe it’s the grinding, “whirring” sound of the drill or anxious feeling of sitting in the chair for what seemed like forever. Well, we’re here to tell you that this doesn’t have to be the experience for your child. Thanks to Solea, children will probably grow up not even knowing what the drill is.


Here’s what a “zero-anxiety” experience really means

Everything we do within our office goes back to providing personalized and compassionate care that’s healthier and safer for our patients, and Solea helps us achieve it all. But for patients and their parents, Solea means no drill, needles or numbness; gentle, fast and virtually pain-free treatment; less time spent at the office; reduced need for sedation; and practically no bleeding, sutures, discomfort or extensive healing. Parents also appreciate that Solea is covered by insurance with no additional out-of-pocket costs. It’s a zero-anxiety, win-win experience for everyone!


So, why do we love Solea? 

Here’s the honest answer: it helps us build a better relationship with your child and you. Of course, Solea is state-of-the-art technology that gives us the utmost ability to do more in our office, including performing tooth extractions, gum tissue surgery, and other extensive procedures, such as releasing tongue-ties in infant patients. But the truth is it goes beyond dental work.

Solea helps create the little moments that further remind us why we chose to specialize in pediatric dentistry. For instance, when we see children look at the laser, smiling, and ask, “Is that a robot?” rather than tear up at the sight of the drill. It also allows us to do the work faster so we can focus on what’s most important, and that’s quality time with patients and parents. After all, we’re mothers — not just dentists — at the end of the day, too. We understand what you want for your child, and we strive to create those comfortable, happy experiences with some help from our Solea laser.


Bay Pediatric Dentistry: Shaping a generation that is not afraid of the dentist.
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