2017 Editions Ages & Stages Featured Magazine March 2017 Parenting

A Tale of Teen Dating

In what seems like the blink of an eye, tots become teenagers. Though some may be unwilling, parents now have to embrace their child’s new stage of development — teen dating. However, it doesn’t have to be a nail-biting experience for mom and dad when approached with curiosity and candid conversation. Find out how here. ...
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2017 Editions Featured Magazine March 2017 Parenting

Cleveland Monsters Dad Ryan Craig Talks Fatherhood and Life in the Region

Ryan Craig, captain and left wing for the Cleveland Monsters, his wife, Jaydee, and the couple's three children have had a very busy year. Along with his hockey teammates, Ryan celebrated the Monsters winning the American Hockey League’s Calder Cup Championship last June — and his family was along with him for the ride. Find out how the Craig family celebrated the win and why they love living in Northeast Ohio. ...
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Register Soon for Crocker Kids Event Series

Registration begins soon for the first installment of the Crocker Kids summer event series. Presented by Lake Ridge Academy and Northeast Ohio Parent magazine, Crocker Kids offers free, family fun one Tuesday per month from May through September at Crocker Park in Westlake. Each event carries a unique theme and includes theme-related activities, crafts, prizes and more. ...
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Helping Children Through Divorce

More than one million children in the U.S. are affected by divorce or separation each year.

A recent report issued by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) addresses the ways in which a child’s pediatrician can help them through difficult transitions.

Talking Through It
According to Skyler Kalady, M.D., a pediatrician at Cleveland Clinic Children’s, divorce and separation can impact children of all ages

“When parents are going through difficult times, children perceive that, regardless of their age,” says Kalady. “So while kids may express their stresses in different ways at different ages, it’s important for parents to be as open and honest as possible, even with difficult situations.”

 She says keeping an open line of communication with children is essential, but that it’s important to keep the conversation age-appropriate.

School aged children might ask questions about when the other parent is coming back, which Kalady says is appropriate for their age.

She stresses that families should not be afraid to talk about divorce openly with their child’s pediatrician. Likewise, pediatricians should always ask kids questions about any changes that they might be going through to help them navigate difficult times.

Keeping Consistency
Kalady says it’s important to remember that consistency and routines are very comforting to children.

“As simple as the same school, the same after-care program, the same activities; of course, if they’re changing households that’s not always possible, but to the extent that they can keep some things consistent, that usually helps children feel safe and know what to expect,” she says.

Pay Attention to Behavior
When children deal with stresses, Kalady says they often internalize their concerns and can display them in many different ways.

Divorce doesn’t impact every child the same and just because a child did not have any issues at the time of the separation, it doesn’t mean that it won’t impact them later down the road.

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Local Options Abound for Triathlon Training and Events in Northeast Ohio

In the last three to four years, triathlons — swimming, biking and running — have gained in popularity, both nationally and locally.

The sport of triathlon has a long history in Cleveland. The first Cleveland Triathlon, originally known as the National City Triathlon, debuted in 1987 and celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2016. In 1996, Cleveland hosted the Triathlon World Championships, and could potentially host the 2018-19 USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals, according to Mickey Ryzmek, USAT certified race director and promoter of North Coast Multisports.

More people are being drawn to the sport, which is a three-sport athletic competition involving the completion of three continuous and sequential endurance disciplines: swimming, biking and running.

What draws a person to the sport of triathlon? That varies from person to person.

“I thought it was cool,” says Dawn Maniawski, 45, a mother of one from Chagrin Falls. “I always wanted to try one, but I didn’t think I could; I didn’t consider myself an athlete, although I ran and swam regularly.”

Like others, Maniawski found the open water swim (OWS) intimidating.

“Not knowing what was below me, or being able to swim to the side of the pool if I needed, intimidated me,” she said, adding some advice for newbies. “Don’t be intimidated. Take your training step-by-step and utilize local resources such as coaches, clubs and clinics.”

Expert Advice for Training and Beyond

Tim Edwards, USAT Level 2 coach, offers the following advice for those who are new to triathlons:

  • Start slow and easy. The best way to begin training for your first triathlon is to start slow and build in a logical manner to prevent injuries. Consider working with a coach, as the guidance and support allows you to develop good techniques and sound training principles.
  • Goal setting. Your first goal should be to have fun in a safe manner and finish your race.
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Ages & Stages Featured Health

Keeping Kids Dry at Night

Families that have little ones at home have likely experienced bed wetting.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, bedwetting is common — about five million children in the U.S. wet the bed.

Nighttime Dryness Delayed
Bedwetting is a medical condition where the brain and bladder aren’t yet communicating with one another at night.

Even though most children are potty trained between 2 and 4 years old, the ability to stay dry through the night may come much later in childhood.

“We usually don’t say it’s a concern until they’re about 7 years of age and then we start talking about, is there a family history of it? Because sometimes if Mom or Dad wet the bed until 10, we can say, well let’s see what happens until 10,” says Audrey Rhee, M.D., a pediatric urologist at Cleveland Clinic Children’s.

Tips to Try
Rhee says there are some things parents can try besides waiting for a child to outgrow bedwetting:

  • Fluid shifting — drinking more fluids during the day and less at night.
  • Better sleep habits — limiting screen time before bed and going to bed earlier.
  • Limit constipation-causing foods — especially foods that contain caffeine.

Research shows constipation, where the bowels press on the bladder, can lead to nighttime accidents, too.

Caffeine also is considered a bladder irritant, which can make a child more prone to accidents. Bladder irritants include citrus, caffeine and even artificial colors and dyes.

“The breakdown of those dyes when the bladder is exposed to it, the bladder doesn’t like it so you’re more prone to bladder spasms (and) you’re more prone to having an accident because of the exposure to it,” Rhee says.

When to Seek Help
Rhee says it’s important for parents to remember that bedwetting is a medical condition and children should not be punished or shamed for having an accident.

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Northeast Ohio Easter Activities

There are many opportunities for the whole family to hop into some seasonal fun in the region beginning this weekend. Check out our list of area Easter-themed events, including egg hunts, visits with the Easter Bunny, crafts, and more. As always, there's plenty for children to do, and also some unique activities geared toward adults. ...
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Smoked BBQ Brisket Sliders

Being able to get a home cooked meal on the table is such an important part of the day, but let’s face it: how easy is it to make dinner while holding a 4-year-old on your hip, calming a 7-year-old throwing a tantrum and helping a 12-year-old with his homework? Well I have finally mastered a way to serve fabulous meals with little effort and few ingredients. My recipes are simple and delicious, using no more than six ingredients and under six minutes of prep time. Several years ago on a trip to the Smoky Mountains, we had our first smoked brisket sandwich. My husband fell in love with the dish! Since I did not see purchasing a smoker in the near future, I had to figure out an easy way to replicate this brisket. I discovered liquid smoke and after several tries, I finally did it! This has been taste-tested on family and friends and is a huge hit. ...
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