Mosaic Weighted Blankets Review & Giveaway

Mosaic Weighted Blankets Review & Giveaway

mosaic weighted blankets

Many kids who have anxiety, sensory or sleep issues might benefit from a weighted blanket that can provide a sense of comfort. Mosaic Weighted Blankets, which are made with non-toxic commercial grade poly pellets, are handmade. The weighted squares of the blanket are designed to create a calming “hug” sensation.

My son, who has sleep issues and likes a snug feeling, said, “You don’t have to tuck me in anymore.”

While we still go through our typical bedtime routine each night, the blanket provides extra security for him when he needs it.

However, parents have to find the weight that best fits their child; the company suggests “for kids, 10 percent of body weight, plus 1-2 pounds.” For example, for a child who weighs 20-30 pounds, the blanket weight should be 3-6 pounds; for a 30- to 50-pound child, the blanket weight should be 4-7 pounds; and for a child who weighs 50-70 pounds, the blanket weight should be 6-9 pounds.

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Look for a Mosaic Weighted Blanket giveaway later this week on the Northeast Ohio Parent Facebook page! 

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