2017 Editions Ages & Stages Featured Magazine March 2017 Parenting

A Tale of Teen Dating

In what seems like the blink of an eye, tots become teenagers. Though some may be unwilling, parents now have to embrace their child’s new stage of development — teen dating. However, it doesn’t have to be a nail-biting experience for mom and dad when approached with curiosity and candid conversation. Find out how here. ...
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2017 Editions Featured Magazine March 2017 Parenting

Cleveland Monsters Dad Ryan Craig Talks Fatherhood and Life in the Region

Ryan Craig, captain and left wing for the Cleveland Monsters, his wife, Jaydee, and the couple's three children have had a very busy year. Along with his hockey teammates, Ryan celebrated the Monsters winning the American Hockey League’s Calder Cup Championship last June — and his family was along with him for the ride. Find out how the Craig family celebrated the win and why they love living in Northeast Ohio. ...
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2017 Editions Featured Latest News Magazine March 2017 Things to do

Northeast Ohio Easter Activities

There are many opportunities for the whole family to hop into some seasonal fun in the region beginning this weekend. Check out our list of area Easter-themed events, including egg hunts, visits with the Easter Bunny, crafts, and more. As always, there's plenty for children to do, and also some unique activities geared toward adults. ...
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6 Ways to Survive the Final Months of Winter

It’s mid-March right now and it’s snowing outside as I am writing this because: Ohio. I thought I saw a glimpse of spring a few weeks ago. It was beautiful, sunny, and temps were in the 60s and 70s! Then the next day Mother Nature laughed in our faces and the weather dropped 30 degrees and it snowed.

We are not the poster family for fun winter activities. Okay, I’ll admit it, I don’t encourage my kids to go out in the snow because I don’t want to freeze my butt off and they are too little to be out there alone (ages 5 and 2). My husband is awesome about hanging out with them in the freezing weather, but I prefer preparing the after-outing cocoa with extra marshmallows.

Even if we were the family who went tubing or sledding on a whim, everyone eventually returns to their close quarters. So, we are anxiously awaiting the return of warm weather. But right now, we’re in the long stretch before birds are chirping and morning frost turns into dew, so how do you keep your kids from antagonizing each other in close quarters?

  1. Create something edible together. I love to bake and I am nearly criminal when it comes to indulging my kids’ requests for treats (I have a major sweet tooth, so I imagine they do too). Even if you buy the boxed brownie or cake mix from the store, you have a task everyone can play a part in. Nothing can top the team element of working together to get something (delicious) done. Everyone gets a chance to stir, pour, and gently crack an egg or two (my two year olds can be overzealous). Watching the stand mixer go round and round is nearly hypnotic for my two-year old twins.
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2017 Editions Ages & Stages Featured Magazine March 2017

All Sides of the Summer Camp Counselor

Summer camp counselors do more than lead the pack of kids in their charge. They become role models for campers to lean on throughout the camp journey. For teen counselors, it can provide a unique experience, whether they become a full-time counselor or special helper, such as volunteers at Lake Metroparks or Great Lakes Science Center. These counselors learn the art of creative thinking and how having a positive outlook can lead to a rewarding summer camp experience for all.

Featured here are a few counselors in Northeast Ohio and beyond who provide advice, along with discussing some benefits and challenges of the job.

Andrew Schultheiss
Age 17
Counselor at Falcon Camp in Carrollton, Ohio






Erica Fuste
Age 16, from San Juan, Puerto Rico
Counselor at Camp Roosevelt-Firebird in Bowerston, Ohio





Abigail (Abby) Goodman
Age 18
Counselor at Falcon Camp in Carrollton, Ohio





Why did you decide to become a camp counselor?

Andrew: I was a camper at Falcon camp for four years, and from those four years I grew to love Falcon, and its history and traditions. Thinking about my favorite memories as a camper made me want to become a counselor so I could help future campers make their own memories at camp.

Erica: I have been going to the same summer camp since 2009 and becoming a camp counselor was always something that I expected myself to do. When I was finally the right age to apply, there was no question as to whether I would work at camp that summer. It is truly something that I planned to do with my friends since I was just a kid.

What are the benefits to being a counselor?

Erica: I think that being a counselor gives you a sort of independence that is impossible to attain anywhere else.

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2017 Editions Ages & Stages Featured January 2017 Magazine Parenting Summer Camps

Camp Starts Here: Leave the Devices at Home

At summer camp, kids are encouraged to interact with something other than a screen. Instead, time is spent outside running, jumping and playing with other kids. Consider these reasons why every tech-savvy child should embark on this adventure. ...
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2017 Editions Ages & Stages February 2017 Magazine

Step into Day Camp

Day camps and classes give your child the chance to explore a topic or activity in more depth. They also offer a shorter, more intensive experience — typically including activities, like games or field trips, to help campmates connect with each other. More than 90 percent of campers say that they met people who are different from themselves and made new friends. Many day camps in the region are already enrolling campers for this summer, so now is a good time to explore options and talk with your children about their interests. ...
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2017 Editions Ages & Stages February 2017 Magazine

Head for the Bunk: Sleepaway Camps

Overnight camps bring the traditional menu of activities such as hiking, fishing, swimming, boating, games, arts and crafts, and more, but also develop children's courage and resourcefulness. Learn everything you need to know about overnight camps, including gauging whether your child is ready, finding the right fit, and prepping your budget. ...
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