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Northeast Ohio Parent Profile: Meet an Essential Mom

2021 Editions Magazine May 2021 Parenting
We all know that moms wear many “hats.” When one of the “hats” is being an essential worker — especially over the last year — that mom deserves to be recognized and celebrated. “Hats off” to Jennifer DiGeronimo, mom and nurse manager of obstetrics at Lake Health, in this month’s Northeast Ohio Parent profile. ...
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Purposeful Play Promotes Learning for Preschoolers

2021 Editions Education January 2021
Most times, during joyful play, preschoolers are actively learning, but they don’t realize they are learning. These are the times that parents can connect with their children and build skills needed for future success. ...
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Ease your Loved One’s Move to a Long-Term Care Facility

Aging Answers Magazine November 2020 Uncategorized

The journey of caregiving for a loved one can be complicated. It is even more complicated in the time of COVID-19. However much we want to believe that time and

... ...
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Pursuing Plan B: What to do When Your Plan for This School Year is not Working

2020 Editions Education Magazine October 2020 Parenting Parenting Through the Pandemic Worth Noting

When it was time for my daughter to begin kindergarten, I looked at every school option. What did our public school have to offer? What was different about private schools?

... ...
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How to Form a Co-op and Collaborate for School Success

2020 Editions Education Featured Magazine Parenting Parenting Through the Pandemic September 2020

As the school year ended without picnics and parties, I thought “never again.” As in, “I never again want to experience online school.” I wasn’t alone. Through text messages,

... ...
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Planning a Family Vacation, RV Style 

Parenting Parenting Through the Pandemic Things to do
With summer in full swing, many families are thinking differently about vacation. While there’s value in staycations or even the simplicity of summer at home, other families are opting for adapted travel adventures. One local writer shares her family's experience with a recent RV rental. ...
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Using Technology to Keep Family Connections Strong

2020 Editions Aging Answers Health Magazine May 2020 Parenting Parenting Through the Pandemic
During these days of social distancing, keeping extended family relationships strong is important for everyone. Learn some creative ways that local families and area nursing homes are keeping connected during this time. ...
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Beyond the Tie: Give Dad an Experience Gift for Father’s Day

2017 Editions Featured June 2017 Magazine Things to do
When you walk into the store, are you quickly reminded of all the things dad does not need this Father’s Day? Cologne or another quirky tie? Instead of taking a trek to the store, perhaps it's time to take him on an adventure that he will love. Northeast Ohio offers plenty of options for golfers, gamers, outdoor enthusiasts and more. ...
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Make the Visit to a Grandparent’s Residential Facility a Positive Experience for Kids

2017 Editions Ages & Stages Aging Answers April 2017 Featured Health Magazine Parenting

The reality for many grandchildren is that visits to grandpa or grandma occur within a nursing or residential facility. When family members need special care and reside in a nursing

... ...
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Plan a Trip for Two with your Son or Daughter

2017 Editions Ages & Stages Featured February 2017 Magazine Parenting Things to do
As you finalize your vacation plans for the year, consider taking a solo journey with your child. From planning and financial considerations to their trip activities, one local mom shares her summer vacation adventures with her daughter as inspiration. ...
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