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Gaining Steam: Real-life Skills in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art & Math

2021 Editions Education January 2021 Magazine
Giving kids an opportunity to learn real-life skills through science, technology, engineering, art, and math (STEAM) activities helps prepare them for the challenges of everyday life, high school and even their careers. We spoke with several teachers, educators and administrators who shared some of the skills that children can tap through STEAM that will help them succeed at school and in the future. ...
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Community Arts Organizations Embrace Virtual and In-Person Opportunities for Youth

2020 Editions Magazine November 2020 Parenting Parenting Through the Pandemic

The joys of youth theater are endless, whether they are experienced in person or in a virtual world. Although the arts community has been hit hard by the pandemic,

... ...
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Kids Benefit From the Arts, Whether Virtual or In-Person

2020 Editions August 2020 Magazine Parenting
Children and adults learn differently, obtain information differently and communicate differently. The arts can help people bridge those communication gaps. They also help children understand themselves better, express their creativity, and foster a love of learning, among other benefits. ...
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Magic of Lakewood Shared by the Rohrs Family

2020 Editions Community Focus June/July 2020 Magazine

Since first moving to Lakewood in 1999, the Rohrs family has fallen in love with Lakewood over and over again. After relocating to the New York City area for

... ...
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Camp Skills: Explore New Things or Refine Existing Talents?

2020 Editions April 2020 Camp Magazine Parenting
Many kids, when given the opportunity, explore camp activities to try and learn new things. For others, focusing on a specialized camp helps them hone that skill. When considering a summer camp, parents should decide what is the best fit for their child: explore new things or refine existing skills. ...
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Community Focus: Two Families Share Why They Live, Work & Play in Beachwood

2020 Editions Community Focus Magazine March 2020

Northeast Ohio Parent magazine spoke with two families that live, work, go to school and play in Beachwood about daily life and what it’s like to raise a family in

... ...
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Camp Friendships: Campers Share Their Experiences

2020 Editions Camp February 2020 Magazine

A camp experience provides children an opportunity to learn new things, have fun and set aside the screens — it also gives them a chance to make lasting friendships. Camp

... ...
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Northeast Ohio Dance Programs Give Kids Cultural Experiences

2020 Editions Featured January 2020 Magazine Things to do
Northeast Ohio is enriched by its cultural spaces and communities, particularly activities including arts, theater, music — and dance. Dance can provide more than entertainment; it can create a chance for young people in the area to experience the world beyond the Cleveland region — and the possibilities and choices are endless. ...
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Understanding MAP Scores

2019 Editions Education Magazine October 2019 Parenting
By understanding Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) scores, parents can be better equipped to provide support to their children throughout the school year. We spoke with several experts to find out more about the assessments and how parents, teachers and administrators can work together to benefit each child. ...
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Take a Bow: Benefits of Performing Arts go Beyond the Classroom and the Stage

2019 Editions August 2019 Education Magazine

Performing arts play a key role in children’s education at school and as an extracurricular activity, but they also teach kids life skills and further enrich the arts scene

... ...
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