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Northeast Ohio Dance Programs Give Kids Cultural Experiences

2020 Editions Featured January 2020 Magazine Things to do
Northeast Ohio is enriched by its cultural spaces and communities, particularly activities including arts, theater, music — and dance. Dance can provide more than entertainment; it can create a chance for young people in the area to experience the world beyond the Cleveland region — and the possibilities and choices are endless. ...
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Understanding MAP Scores

2019 Editions Education Magazine October 2019 Parenting
By understanding Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) scores, parents can be better equipped to provide support to their children throughout the school year. We spoke with several experts to find out more about the assessments and how parents, teachers and administrators can work together to benefit each child. ...
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Take a Bow: Benefits of Performing Arts go Beyond the Classroom and the Stage

2019 Editions August 2019 Education Magazine

Performing arts play a key role in children’s education at school and as an extracurricular activity, but they also teach kids life skills and further enrich the arts scene

... ...
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Sounds of Summer: Free Outdoor Concerts in Cleveland & Akron

2019 Editions Featured July 2019 Magazine Things to do
Featuring, pop, rock, reggae, funk, disco, jazz, blues, country, tribute bands and more, many free, family-friendly concert series are underway across the region. Find a lineup of outdoor concerts taking place all summer long, as well as insight from city and park officials on some of the most popular events. ...
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