Living the “Sweet” Life in Aurora

Living the “Sweet” Life in Aurora

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As natives of Aurora, Megan and Hobie Sweet chose to stay where they have decades of roots to raise their young family. In the community, they feel comfortable and at home, they know everybody by name and with extended family close by, they have built a foundation for years to come. 

“We both grew up in Aurora, and we’ve lived in our current home for about a year,” Megan Sweet says.  

Megan and Hobie both graduated from Aurora High School. They had their first date and got engaged at one of the town’s local restaurants, 1815 Tavern. 

Megan’s grandparents have lived in Aurora for decades. Additionally, both of their moms graduated from Aurora City School District. Megan’s mom, Pam Mehallis, (who is married to Gus,) serves as the president of the Aurora City Schools Board of Education, and Hobie’s mom, Jennifer Sweet (who is married to Craig,) works at Aurora Police Department. 

“What people love most about Aurora in general is the school systems are excellent,” Megan Sweet says. “It’s probably the main attraction for people who like to live here in the first place, it’s definitely what’s kept us here, because we both went to Aurora schools. So, we wanted all our children to come here as well. We’ve known each other since I was about eight years old.”

Two big things that have kept the family in Aurora are the schools and immediate family, Megan adds. 

They moved to a neighborhood that consists of young families and there are two parks nearby. They live close to shopping and dining at a variety of restaurants. 

“What’s cool about the housing over here, too, is they were all vacation homes for the Geauga Lake amusement park itself, years ago, so they are older style homes, which is great,” Megan says.

Founded in 1799, Aurora’s rich history mixes rural charm with modern-day amenities. The line-up of upcoming community-wide events, from a concert and a classic car show to the fall festival and trunk-or-treat, keep families active and engaged with what’s happening in the area.

The whole family enjoys golf, and they spend some of their free time golfing at local clubs like Club Walden, which is one of their favorites. 

As a couple in their early 30’s, the Sweets spend the majority of their time raising their three young children – Mia, 8, who plays soccer and participates in gymnastics, Madison, 2, and the family recently welcomed a newborn son, also named Hobie. 

“I think I’m most proud that Hobie and I have learned where our strengths and weaknesses are as a team, together, so we’ve been able to figure out who should be in charge of what,” she says. “Our daily lives are sometimes stressful, but we have a good grasp on who does what part, each day, to get through the day, which I’m very grateful for.”

According to Megan, a few of the things that have kept the family in Aurora include the library system, and local parks, to name a few. Megan says Aurora has a “small town feel,” and that it’s a “tight knit community,” which they love. Of course, the family is complete with a dog, Mona, and three cats, Charlie, Myrah and Gizmo, which have all been adopted or rescued. 

“I’ve taken our girls to the library for story time, where they read them stories, “ she says. “Aurora Farms Premium Outlets is always fun. You can make a whole day out of shopping. Then, there’s Aurora’s Sunny Lake Park, which is awesome, especially with kids. The dog park and the Aurora Splash Pad are really fun. “

“There are plenty of restaurants to choose from, all over, which is really nice, and a lot of them are more upscale, which is more my speed,” she adds. “I enjoy being able to go out to a nice dinner, and it is not too expensive.”

The family attends Parkside Church. Megan, who grew up attending the church, says she recently volunteered at Vacation Bible Camp, where she was able to minister to some of the kids. 

Megan loves to cook, and she enjoys making dishes such as Cornflake chicken and Greek pasta salad, which was mastered from a family recipe. On the weekends, The Sweets spend time with family, and they appreciate any opportunity to get together. 

“It’s comfortable here and we’ve always felt at home,” she says. “We know everybody, and it’s just great. We have a lot of cookouts at our house.”

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