Podcast Episode #24: ‘Social Animals’ Part 2

Podcast Episode #24: ‘Social Animals’ Part 2

On the latest episode of aParently Speaking, host Miriam Conner talks with Emma Crockett Robinson and her mother, Tamara Crockett.

On the last episode, Miriam talked with the director of the film “Social Animals.” Emma is one of the teens featured in the documentary, in which her journey with social media was documented.

Like many teens, Emma had struggles with social media. She courageously shares her personal story and how her struggles with social media affected her.

Her mom, Tamara, discusses the warning signs and things she wishes she would have known earlier, as well as how she helped Emma get through that tough time in her life. She shares her advice for parents regarding social media.

From left: Tamara Crockett, Miriam Conner, and Emma Crockett Robinson.

Parents of kids of all ages will learn from this engaging and honest conversation.


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