‘Timeout’ with Cavs Academy Head Coach Kendall Chones

‘Timeout’ with Cavs Academy Head Coach Kendall Chones

Kendall Chones has Wine & Gold in his DNA. His father, Jim Chones, a Cavaliers Legend and current Cavs Radio Network color analyst, raised him to have moral values, love Cleveland and the game of basketball. After playing college basketball at Colgate University, Kendall has spent the past almost 10 years playing professional basketball and coaching throughout Europe.

Today, he is thrilled to be back in his hometown serving as the Head Coach of Cavs Academy, taking the lead on revamped Cavaliers youth basketball clinics and summer camp initiatives. He and his team of experienced coaches provide a winning combination of quality skills, drills and fun at each Cavs Academy clinic.

“This is a tremendous opportunity to teach kids the right way to learn and develop skills to become successful players,” Chones explains of his new role.

Coach’s Advice to Parents
How do I know when my child is ready to play basketball? “I’m a firm believer that kids need to be kids first. That said, they can start playing at any age they show interest! Anyone who is willing to listen and learn is ready to play. We coach boys and girls ages 5–14. I did not start playing organized until I was 10!”

What if my child has never played before/what if my child is very experienced—is Cavs Academy for them? “Every child is welcomed into our Academy. Our programs are strategically designed to teach and improve fundamental basketball, regardless of experience. The players are separated based on age and ability to develop at the most efficient way possible.”

What is your coaching philosophy? “Quality content with quality coaching. I’ve hired every coach to teach unique curriculum for each clinic. I am a staunch supporter of maintaining a positive working culture when it comes to coaching. We infuse a mix of what you’ll see the defending NBA Champion Cleveland Cavaliers doing on the court (style of play) with a European-fundamental based clinic structure that I’ve brought home from years of playing and coaching overseas.”

What sets Cavs Academy apart from other youth clinics? “Our staff is a mix of former college and professional basketball players and coaches. And since we know all of our Cavs Academy participants share a bond over their love for the Cavs, we make sure to provide unique elements, such as Cavs player appearances, mascot appearances by Moondog or Sir CC, in-arena host Ahmaad Crump, the Cavaliers Scream Team hip-hop dance troupe and more. We’ve also had the opportunity for participants to take photos with the NBA Championship trophy, as well as provide participants with tickets to Cavs games.”

Kendall’s Starting Five:
Spirit Animal: Lion
Favorite food: Spaghetti Carbonara
Favorite Travel Destination: Germany
Hidden Talent: I can speak German
Favorite Quote/Best Advice: “Stay humble, stay hungry.” — Jim Chones

To learn more about Cavs Youth Sports, including Cavs Academy clinics and summer camp, visit: cavs.com/cavsacademy



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