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Susan Fox is a mother of two boys and a holistic health palliative care coach. She teaches people how to use natural methods of effectively managing the pain, stress and tension of chronic conditions. Visit or email [email protected] for more information. Look for her upcoming ebook, “Sick Child? What to do and Expect the First Time at the Pediatrician’s Office,” which discusses practical ideas from her own experience of going to the pediatrician’s office with her seriously ill, firstborn child.

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Is Your Labor Being Exploited? What to Know About Wage Theft

how to prevent wage theft

Did you know there might be a way to increase your paycheck? It involves stopping something called wage theft. read more

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Tips to Save Money on Car Insurance

Family car insurance rates
Featured Finance Parenting

Are car insurance costs over-stretching your family budget? Below, find a few money saving tips that can reduce your cost of driving. read more

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How to Model a Positive Attitude For Your Kids

Positive Parenting
Ages & Stages Featured Parenting

Our children have a lot of social pressure on them. When we focus on building confidence in ourselves, we model that behavior to our children. Being a confident person helps

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Kids and Divorce: the Benefits of Respectful Co-Parenting

Ages & Stages Featured Parenting

Are you divorced or separated from your spouse? It can be stressful facing life after divorce or during separation when it comes to dealing with your ex-spouse. read more

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Apps and Advice for Teaching your Teen to Drive Safely

Ages & Stages Featured Parenting Teens

Remember what seems like a lifetime ago (1968 for me) when you first got your driver’s permit? I do. I was 15 years and 6 months old. I kept thinking,

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How to Handle your Child’s Serious Illness

Caring for a terminally ill child
Ages & Stages Health Parenting

Almost immediately after I delivered my first-born baby boy, a hush shrouded the delivery room. Medical professionals silently and somberly glanced at each other without a sound. Jason’s skin, a

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