How I Survive as a Mom of Three

The last four months have been absolutely insane, and it’s not just because of obvious circumstances. The events leading up to becoming a mom of three were a whole ‘nother kind of crazy — the ki... Read more

What Happens Next?

It’s clear the world is in great transition right now. We are living in what could arguably be described as biblical because a pandemic has covered the globe and political and social strife saturate... Read more

Kids Ninja Warrior Obstacle Training

If your child loves running, jumping, climbing and staying in constant motion, Functions of Life in Broadview Heights might just be their new favorite place! The kids' ninja warrior classes offer fun,... Read more

6 Back-to-School Traditions you Should Still do This Year

It is without a doubt that the back-to-school transition will look a lot different this year. Parents are still sorting out what school will look like for their kids and which school options are best.... Read more

Today, I Cried

I am not a crier. I like to laugh and be happy. My usual response to most things whether happy, sad, mad, etc. is to crack a joke and laugh. No, I do not want to know what that means about me. For ... Read more

Stick Figure Tissue Paper Art

Ever since we’ve started slowing down and spending more time at home, I’ve been thinking about ways to create something with the kids that would provide a bit of personalized, fun color to my wall... Read more

Natural DIY Bug Remedies

Insects may be vital in our food chain but man, I really don’t want them in my kitchen. Each year, we go a round or two with ants invading our home, now followed in the summertime by massively annoy... Read more

How to Keep Your Kids Healthy While Traveling for Summer Vacation

Summer is here! Time for some fun, right?! Fun is necessary as long as we’re being smart! The health and safety of our family must always come first. I’m sure the coronavirus has changed a lot ... Read more

Check out Fun and Free STEAM Learning With GLSC's Curiosity Corner LIVE This Summer

If you are looking for quality STEAM learning for your child this summer, look no further than the Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC). My family has been participating in free STEAM learning almost ... Read more

A Very Brief Reflection on Killing an Ant

We were on a family outing a week or so ago and my son killed an ant. It wasn’t one of the little house ants, either. It was one of the huge black ones that you’ll sometimes see out in the woods.... Read more

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