Simplicity Soup: Vacation Organization (AKA You Get A Vacation Too)

Today’s simplicity soup recipe? Vacation Organization! A recipe for traveling with kids in tow!  The one where your child is content and, as a result, you are too.  Simply put: the trip that fe... Read more

Simplicity Soup: There Is No Work/Life Balance

In the earliest days of parenthood, I struggled with the decisions that new parents - especially many women - face. Work? If so, how much? Can I maintain a full-time position and be a full-time mom? C... Read more

Order Up! 'Simplicity Soup' — New Northeast Ohio Parent Blog

What is simplicity soup and might you like a serving too? For starters, how did your world change the moment you learned you had a child coming into it? For me, it was an annual visit that took ... Read more

5 Ways Parents Can Reflect and Grow

I learned to engage in reflection to prepare so I can be more intentional about deciding what worked, what didn’t and what I value. here I could create a better life for myself and my children. Here... Read more

Chocolate Chip Crunch Cookies for Anytime

This is one of my favorites. It’s a simple chocolate chip cookie recipe, but doctored up with M&M's  plus some add-ons for extra crunch — Rice Krispies cereal and pretzels. They’re great f... Read more

Fending off the Winter Slump as a Stay-at-Home Mom of Littles

I’ve been through this cycle enough times as a stay-at-home mom to know it’s easy to feel stuck in a house with kids who are going wild and there seems to be nothing to do and nowhere to go. These... Read more

Did You Set Goals for 2023?

I am not foolish enough to think come 2023, I’ll magically eat only salads and never touch a cheese cube or bowl of ice cream ever again. Eating healthy is always a goal but losing weight hasn’t b... Read more

5 Simple Indoor Snow Experiments to Do with Kids

In Northeast Ohio, we know the snowflakes aren't over yet. For some fun snow activities without getting bundled up in gear, check out these five simple experiments you can do indoors. Experiment 1:... Read more

Giving My Kids the Gift of Fiscal Responsibility this Holiday Season

My 3 daughters, ages 10, 8 and 8 years old, earn a weekly allowance for doing chores around the house. They can also earn extra money for good grades on their report cards. We gave each of them a c... Read more

Thanksgiving Activity/Decoration: Candy Turkeys

Got a lot of leftover Halloween candy? Trying to get in the mood for Thanksgiving? I have the perfect kid-friendly activity for you! This delicious craft/activity/treat requires just a few ingredients... Read more

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