Continuing a Running Routine While Pregnant

I recently completed a 365-day running streak, where I ran every single day for an entire year. I started it April 2020 during the pandemic, and I'm now at 400+ days and 33 weeks pregnant, which means... Read more

3 Ways I Dealt with the COVID-19 Pandemic

I still remember pulling into Costco on March 12, 2020 right when they opened at 10 a.m. — I was hoping to stop in real quick for a couple things before dropping my kiddos off at grandma’s while I... Read more

The Benefits of Shopping at Thrifts

My daughter is a huge fan of fashion. I’m talking shoes, full princess dresses, shoes, everyday play dresses, hair bows, shoes . . . you name it. I find myself balking at this for several reasons: 1... Read more

Places To Explore Nature With Kids on the Near East Side of Cleveland

Spring has sprung in Northeast Ohio and I’m so excited to be outside all the time and my kids are, too. Here are a few of our favorite places on the near east side of Cleveland: Shaker Lakes: We ... Read more

4 Ways to Grow Your Income Using Your Stimulus or Tax Refund Check

We are in the middle of tax refund and stimulus check season and millions of Americans are expecting a tax refund. In fact, according to CNBC, over 130 million people have already received a stimulus ... Read more

Navigating Toddler Sleep Transitions

Moving from the crib to a "big kid" bed is a major milestone for young children and their parents. Just when you have your sleep routine down, this transition is either quickly needed or can occur ... Read more

Mother's Day is For Those Actively Mothering

In 2018, I wrote an article for the magazine about giving moms a mental day off for Mother’s Day. You can read it here: Give Mom the Best Gift for Mother’s Day: A Mental Load Day Off Recent ... Read more

Greening Your Bathroom

I’ve covered eco-friendly changes you can make in your kitchen. And your laundry room. And I’ve been putting off the next one because . . . it’s the dreaded bathroom. I have nothing against t... Read more

Pregnant in a Pandemic

If you can’t tell by the title of this post, I’m pregnant. And yes, I know it’s a pandemic. But, it’s not all bad. Not to belittle anyone’s pregnancy experience —and I’m so glad I’m... Read more

Greening Your Laundry Room

I’m pretty done with the winter blahs and I’m feeling ready for a refresher. In lieu of warm spring winds, I’ll settle for the wafting aromas of Spring Fresh detergent emanating from my laundry ... Read more

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