Worms, 'Good Dirt' and the Backyard Compost Adventure

In second grade, I bought a copy of a little handbook called “Save Our Planet,” full of simple ideas kids could put into action to be environmentally-friendly. One chapter was about starting a com... Read more

Yankee Peddler Festival Returns to Canal Fulton for its 47th Year

For fans of craft fairs, the approach of fall in Northeast Ohio means one thing: the return of Yankee Peddler Festival. Held at Clay’s Park Resort in Canal Fulton, the event spans three weekends ... Read more

Finding Time for You in the Back-to-School Season

Recently, I had been feeling so exhausted that as soon as I sat down on my couch I was falling asleep, even though I didn’t mean to. Things that didn’t normally drain me were totally draining me a... Read more

BrittFit Kids’ Play Gym Opens in Wadsworth

Discovering places to go and things to do with your young kids is a never-ending mission; it’s up to us as parents to keep them occupied and active. Here in Northeast Ohio, we’ve got some great op... Read more

Embrace the 'Why?' Moments with Your Kids

“Why is the sky blue?” “Why does my belly rumble when I am hungry?” “Where does lightning or thunder come from?”  “Where, how, why do we…”  If you are a parent, at some point your... Read more

My Trash Can Overhaul (and the Recycling Conundrum)

Thunk. Thunk. Thunk. What’s that sound? The pitter-patter of little feet racing down the stairs in the morning? Nope. It’s the trash can lid going up and down a hundred times a day. Seriously . ... Read more

Back to School Jitters: How to Ease the Butterflies

It’s happening; it’s really happening. Another school year is rapidly approaching. School supplies lists are out. Teachers lists are being shared, and schedules are about to get really crazy for f... Read more

My Favorite Healthy Weeknight Meals

Since having kids, I’ve gotten lazy efficient in my meal prep. Gone are the days of leaving work at 6 p.m., picking up groceries, then starting to make a semi-complicated meal and eating dinner at 8... Read more

One of My Favorite Summer Activities To Do With The Kids

I love the beautiful weather, festivals and the seemingly endless fun activities to do with the kids in the summer. As much as I love those, there also is one thing that I really love: summer reading ... Read more

Cottage Playhouse Makeover

After a good (and I mean really, really good) scrubbing, I took a tired, old plastic Little Tikes playhouse and transformed it into the sweetest little English Cottage-Style Playhouse you ever did see... Read more

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