Introduce Your Kids to the Cleveland Orchestra — and Save Money — With the ‘Under 18s Free’ Program

In Northeast Ohio, we are fortunate to have a top-ranking orchestra right in our own backyard. The world renowned Cleveland Orchestra dazzles audiences of all ages downtown at Severance Hall and at Bl... Read more

Brown (or Canvas) Bagging It

There’s a lot of “eco” talk buzzing around these days. Concerns about “climate change,” “going green,” “decreasing your carbon footprint,” “reducing your impact,” and on and on ... Read more

Summer Traditions That the Kids Will Never Forget

There is so much build up to summer. It is the time of year everyone looks forward to...maybe even more than the December holidays! Some of the best childhood memories are formed in the summer. Carefr... Read more

Just Because it is Broken Doesn’t Mean you Have to Fix it

One day, I was emptying the dish drying rack and putting away the dishes when my hand slipped.  I was holding my glass tea kettle with a tea infuser attachment and it hit the bottom of my Vitamix con... Read more

What Not to Do When Returning from Maternity Leave

It’s been a year since I went on maternity leave for the second time. Coming back from leave is never easy, but preparing yourself in advance of what to expect can help. And after re-entering the wo... Read more

What NOT to Put on Your Baby Registry

Pregnancy is one of the most exciting things you could ever experience, but I don’t have to tell you that. By now you’ve already felt that elation and perhaps are still riding on Cloud 9 — enjoy... Read more

Tips for Planning a Family Trip to Chicago

If you’re looking for a family getaway that’s relatively close to home and doesn’t require each parent to use a lot of PTO, a long weekend trip to Chicago is a great option. There’s tons to do... Read more

Powering Up at Milestones National Autism Conference

I was a regular parent, but now I’m special. Lots of qualified people tell me so. First the pediatrician, then the school psychologist and speech pathologist. Even a stranger in the grocery store pa... Read more

5 Tips for Family Trips to the Troll Hole

How many trolls can a Troll Hole hold if a Troll Hole could hold trolls? The answer is about 30,000, including a world-record setting 8,000 troll toys and another 22,000 pieces of troll memorabilia... Read more

My One-On-One Trip With My Kid

Earlier this spring, my oldest daughter (I have three girls), requested a special mother-daughter trip. I am no stranger to travel. I almost always have an upcoming AirBNB, hotel, bus, or plane res... Read more

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