12 Cures for the Quarantine Crazies

Social distancing is important for you and your family's health. It can also be dull – especially if you're 6 years old. Fortunately, libraries, zoos, museums and quite possibly your favorite aut... Read more

3 Things I Don’t Own That Most Would Consider Essential

At this very moment, we’re living in what feels like an entirely different world. This virus is certainly putting us in unique circumstances, and the one thing it’s forcing us all to do is rely mo... Read more

COVID-19 & My Mental Health

You don’t need more superfluous dialogue about coronavirus from me, so this blog is focused on how the current situation has impacted my mental health and given me unexpected opportunities for mindf... Read more

Slowing it Down: What the COVID-19 Outbreak Can Teach us About Being Human Today

This is a longer post but, since I’m spending a lot of time at home now, I have some time on my hands to write it — and hopefully you have a few minutes to read it! It’s only Day 5 of our sel... Read more

Everyone Counts

A decade ago, I was a mother of two young boys (a 1 year-old and 4-year-old) in my first home. Also, during this time, it was the 2010 U.S. Census, which aims to count every person in U.S. households.... Read more

4 Ways to Fill Winter Weekends with Fun Activities for Kids and Parents

Mid-March is when I feel Northeast Ohio has entered the last slog of winter. There are some sunny mornings, yet freezing temperatures and snow is still in the weather forecast. Here are four ways I fi... Read more

Unique Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

In one of my friend groups, I’m the only mom, so I often get asked for gift ideas when someone is shopping for a family with preschoolers or toddlers. And while my kids LOVE nearly any present that ... Read more

DIY Rainbow Table Centerpiece

I love that there are so many rainbow decorations popping up everywhere. It’s like my childhood dreams of growing up to be Rainbow Bright are finally realized! But, I love a good, cheapo DIY e... Read more

6 Apps to Help you Save Money on Your Everyday Shopping

Have you ever felt guilty spending money? There was a time when I was working hard to build a savings account, and every time I swiped my card I felt guilty that the money wasn’t being used to fund ... Read more

10 Ways to Love Yourself this Valentine's Day

1. Appreciate what you CAN do. In the age of “doing it all” and living an Insta-worthy life, take inventory of everything you DO accomplish. Go ahead, make a list. My list starts with keeping t... Read more

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