My Family Summer Bucket List

The start of summer is finally here and I couldn’t be more ready for this season to begin. This winter felt especially long, and even though I work fulltime, there’s just something about summer th... Read more

Our Trip to the Berea Rib Festival

My family and I recently attended the Berea Rib Festival.  The weather was gorgeous and the event was fun and tasty.  I’m so happy that the weather was amazing because it allowed us to enjoy the f... Read more

Visiting the Maltz Museum's 'Chagall for Children’

For the kickoff weekend, May 15, I took my kids to the Maltz Museum of Jewish Heritage to visit a new exhibit, “Chagall for Children,” which runs through August 18. The exhibit features 14 inte... Read more

Why Everyone Needs Mom-Friends: The Power of Mom Groups

This time eight years ago, I rolled my double-stroller into a local breastfeeding support group thinking, “I hope my babies nurse well, and the Moms are nice there.” At the time I was a stresse... Read more

My Kid Pushed Another Kid. I’m So Proud.

My nightstand is full of books. I read a lot. They aren’t novels. They aren’t stories and tales I can escape into for entertainment. They are parenting books. OK, maybe there are one or two books ... Read more

Ideas to Offset High Gas Prices

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I dread going to the gas station. Given the fluctuating gas prices, I’ve had to make a number of adjustments to offset the rising costs. Here are some ideas t... Read more

Editor's Note: Sleepless in Cleveland

The joke around our house is that my younger son “never really wanted to be a baby.” This little guy, from the first moment I met him, acted independently. It felt like he navigated what food he w... Read more

Get Outside No Matter the Weather

Ohio winters can feel like a real drag. As a Midwestern transplant from the East Coast, I am used to getting dumped on by Northeaster snowstorms. Still, since adopting Ohio as my new home, I’ve adju... Read more

My 'Scary Mom' Voice

You know what I’m talking about. Even if you want to pretend that you always participate in “gentle parenting,” there's no way. I’m not buying it. It’s unlikely you were raised “gently,”... Read more

Advantages and Disadvantages of Being an Entrepreneur

The pandemic has reshaped how we think about nearly everything. One of the ways this is evident is with "the Great Resignation," a term used to describe a phenomenon where workers voluntarily resign f... Read more

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