Sleep Deprivation is Torture

Sleep deprivation is torture. Search the internet and you’ll find endless articles about how important sleep is for not only adults, but for children, too. If only my 3-year-old could read. She w... Read more

14 Valentine's Day Books for Kids

Winter is long, so I love to get festive and celebrate all the holidays of the season, including Valentine's Day. I usually get a bunch of Valentine's themed books from the library and sometimes give ... Read more

How to Teach Your Kids About Money

As parents, we have the important task of preparing our children for adult life. Sometimes that’s done through example. Other times, it’s done through teaching moments. Teaching kids everything th... Read more

DIY 5 Stick Plant Stand

Suffering from spring fever? Need some green in your spaces? Get a jump start on the warmer weather that's right around the corner with this fun and super simple plant stand! I love plants. I love ma... Read more

Halfway to 18: Reflecting on the Journey of Parenthood

My son just turned 9. Traditionally the big birthdays are 1, 5, 10, 16, 18.  But I'll be honest... 9 hit me pretty hard the other day because I realized it's halfway to 18. Half of our time with h... Read more

Family Goals to Set This Year

Even though we're already in full swing in the new year, there is still time to make some big goals for 2020! Have you ever set goals as a family? While it is great to have your own personal goals,... Read more

New Year, New Running Goals? Steps to Start Training for a Marathon

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to run a marathon in 2020? Congrats! After the excitement for signing up for your first race wears off, you may be wondering, “What do I do now?” I ran... Read more

My Not-So-Perfect New Year’s Resolution

Like most every person, I decided to take the New Year as an opportunity to better myself, but it didn’t come as an easy decision. I’m terrified of failure, and would like to believe that I’ve g... Read more

Got Wind Power?

As we drive down the Shoreway toward downtown Cleveland one morning, my son looks up at a giant white tower and goes, “What’s that?” “It’s a windmill,” I reply. “What’s a windmil... Read more

Be Ready to Start “Momgineering”

Hi! I’m Kristen Antosh. I’m thrilled to be the newest addition to the Northeast Ohio Parent blogging team! While I’ve written for Northeast Ohio Parent Magazine before (see the links to my previ... Read more

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