Simplicity Soup: Patience with the Process

Simplicity Soup: Patience with the Process

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We have seven cats right now.

Nine if you count the original two felines.

No, don’t peg me as a crazy cat lady. Seven of the cats are actually caterpillars. Which is not only the hip way to refer to these insects, but the historical name by which they were called as well.

My husband has a superpower of finding the eggs – yes, that picture of tiny white specks on milkweed leaves is of eggs.  He brings them in to care for them and about four days later, we watch as the tiniest of caterpillars hatch.

Adding more milkweed and putting them in a safe enclosure, we continue to watch as this magical transformation takes place. The caterpillars grow rapidly, finally taking their place on the roof of the enclosure where they hang and then form a chrysalis.

Finally, about 30 days after the egg was found, the butterfly will emerge and our family will release it.  And, not only has this been a valuable lesson in science, it’s been MAG-I-CAL!

You probably didn’t click on this blog for a science lesson (bonus!), so what does this have to do with simplicity soup?

Watching these butterflies bloom has been the gentle reminder of the beautiful process of growth.

As school starts and I look at all the activities my daughter will or has tried, I am grateful for the process of her growth…

The steady way she has progressed in being a softball player even though I’ll be the first to say we are anything but a sports or competitive family.

The baby steps she has taken over the the last five years with studying voice…starting with a basic desire and some decent pipes, to now spreading her wings and developing fully into a singer AND performer.

Her physical growth which has enabled her to acquire more strength and grace as she engages in dance.

My daughter is now 16. I’ve watched her physical and emotional growth and experienced all the ups and downs of parenthood along the way.

She’s driving and, with those wheels and her skill development, there is no doubt that she is getting her own wings to take flight.

I’ve had the joy of watching her grow through the years and and the caterpillars on the table in the kitchen are just a simple and beautiful reminder of what a beautiful process growth is.

Let us savor each step in the journey.

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Jeannie Fleming-Gifford
Mom, non-profit professional, arts advocate, writer, coffee consumer and wannabe adventurer. Life is busy and complicated. Simplicity Soup shares recipes for lessons learned — as a parent, professional and personally. It focuses on the good and good for you (and the family). Simplicity Soup is about the ingredients in our daily lives that make living more joyful. From tackling time clutter, the list of to-dos and want-to-dos, to how to organize spaces and places to make for more efficiency and less challenge. Create time for more joy. Savor the soup. Connect with Jeannie at [email protected]

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