My Favorite Way to Entertain My Kids in the Car

This may be completely obvious and old-hat to many of you but I have discovered a new way of keeping my kids entertained in the car — and it's completely screen-free. I don't even remember when w... Read more

What You Should Know About Survival Swim Lessons

"Survival" swim lessons can be traumatic experiences for a child and do not drown-proof them. Developmentally-appropriate alternatives include layered play-based training with a trusted caregiver ... Read more

8 Great Ideas for a “Mom Playdate” in Northeast Ohio

Having kids certainly makes getting together with friends more challenging than it was pre-kid, but seeing my friends is one of the best ways for me to simultaneously relax and charge my battery. Here... Read more

What it’s Like to be a Kid

Imagine if, from the moment you woke up, someone told you every little thing you had to do. Use the bathroom. Come sit in this chair for breakfast. Eat your breakfast. Hurry up and eat your breakfast.... Read more

Perfect Easter or Passover Recipe: Pomegranate Braised Lamb Shanks

Our family, like most, has tried-and-true holiday traditions that we follow and cherish each year. But I also try to come up with something new for many holidays that I hope will turn into time-honore... Read more

Good Parents Don't Serve Chips for Dinner. Do They?

Last year, I got a surprise email from a Wall Street Journal contributor, wanting to talk about how and why my family eats snacks for dinner. I imagine I looked like the perfect interviewee to ask ab... Read more

Working on my Resolutions — With Help From Pinecrest

January rolls around so quickly every year and if you’re like me, I think I need to do a better job with eating healthy, working out consistently, saying no more often, etc. Maybe this year, you eve... Read more

What’s Your Child’s Natural Talent? Encourage it!

Imagine standing in a downward flowing mountain stream. (I say “downward flowing” because streams only flow one way. Down.) As you stand in the stream, you demonstrate your natural talent for stan... Read more

Spring Break One-Tank Trip: Columbus

With spring break just around the corner, you might be looking for a fun family trip to take without going too far. In the first of two posts on one-tank family road trips, let’s take a trip down 71... Read more

Kids Have a Magical Time at COSI’s ‘Mythic Creatures’

My family and I enjoy making day trips to Columbus, which usually include a visit to COSI (Center of Science and Industry). While the science center’s permanent exhibits are more than enough to keep... Read more

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