Hope for Home — November Editor's Note

This month is typically a time for us to be thankful and count the (hopefully) many blessings in our lives. However, the reality is that some families are struggling and it’s difficult to see what ... Read more

The Greater Family

You are born into one family. In my case, that included my mom, dad and two older brothers. That is my “first” family. My dad was kind. My mother is smart. My oldest brother is resourceful. My mid... Read more

Bringing Local Cleveland Foods to Your Thanksgiving Table

As Thanksgiving approaches, you may be wondering about ways to incorporate local products into your Thanksgiving celebrations. This is a great time to not only support local businesses, but also show ... Read more

Tips for Running While Pregnant

Imagine this - you just ate a HUGE burrito and drank a jug of soda. Your bladder is full, you’re slightly winded and your feet are swollen. And now, you decide you want to go for a run. Sound like f... Read more

Working Together to Read — October Editor's Note

It’s almost time for the state’s Third Grade Reading Guarantee, which for some parents could mean the difference between their child going to fourth grade or not.  The state initiative, which be... Read more

Olmsted Performing Arts & Other Local Programs Provide Affordable Options for Learning, Entertainment

One of our family’s favorite activities is attending plays and musicals. Whether we take all of the kids or it’s just my wife and me on a date night, we always love our time at the theater. Clevel... Read more

How the Library Can Help You Save on Your Toy Budget

Did you know that over a child’s lifetime, parents spend approximately $6,500 on toys, according to a 2016 study conducted by the Toy Industry Association? That is a lot of money. To make it worse, ... Read more

Managing the Halloween Candy Haul

The day is almost upon us in which we will head out with our kids for some Halloween fun! If your neighborhood is anything like ours, your kids will return home with arm loads of Halloween candy. The ... Read more

Beyond Disney: 5 Phenomenal Animated Films for Families

Kids can survive forever on a diet of Frozen, Moana and Wreck-It Ralph, but adults — for the sake of our sanity — sometimes want to switch it up. So with all due respect to the Mouse House, he... Read more

Parents Share their Halloween Candy Favorites

We recently held a giveaway on the Northeast Ohio Parent Facebook page for tickets to the Greater Cleveland Aquarium’s annual Hauntaquarium event. To enter, parents were told to share their favorite... Read more

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