LEGOLAND Discovery Center Now Open in Columbus

The new LEGOLAND Discovery Center Columbus opened last week and for LEGO-lovers of all ages, it’s worth making the short drive down to Columbus. Located inside the Easton Town Center complex, LEG... Read more

10 Tips for Family Trips to Sesame Place

My family’s fresh back from Sesame Place – a Sesame Street theme park near Philadelphia – and I have some tips gleaned from my personal experience. May you find them useful should your famil... Read more

How to Create a Travel Fund for Your Next Family Vacation

My family spent time this past summer exploring Washington D.C. and Ocean City, Maryland. A few days into our trip, I was already thinking about and planning trips for next summer. My wife thought I w... Read more

Keeping the Culture Going in Cleveland

Cleveland had an incredible summer of culture, with lots of special events and exhibitions that put the city even more in the forefront of the cultural scene. From “Hamilton” to the Infinity Mi... Read more

One of My Favorite Ways to Save on Children's Activities

I’m a mom of twin toddlers and I’m always looking for fun, cool things to do without spending a lot of money. As a single mom on a tight budget, I don’t allocate a lot of money for entertainment... Read more

Getting Things Done as a Parent

Imagine being in a vacuum floating aimlessly through space. Even in a fictional environment such as this, forces influence you. But let’s go on with this fantasy for a moment… See yourself weig... Read more

Is That Toy a Playpen or a Playground?

In Lifelong Kindergarten, Mitchel Resnick, learning researcher and holder of the best-ever academic title of "LEGO endowed chair" at MIT, describes the conditions that breed creativity. To become crea... Read more

Battling the Back to School Blues

The end of summer and beginning of another academic year can leave us parents feeling frazzled and stressed. The resurrection of after-school clubs, sports practices, homework and evening routines all... Read more

Quiet Mornings…and Other Gifts I Give Myself as a Mom

As I write this, it’s 6:30 on a weekday morning. I’m sipping hot black coffee and eating creamy overnight oats. The only sound in my house is the click-clack of my keyboard. Silence. Bliss. Ah,... Read more

Prepared for School? — September Editor's Note

The week before school began in August, I felt like there wasn’t time to catch our breath. Between baseball, the mid-July Colorado family vacation, work deadlines, and an out-of-town weekend weddi... Read more

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