Aisha Taylor is a single mom of twins and the founder of FNPhenomenal. She helps single moms thrive financially and live phenomenally using Biblical principles. She has been featured in ESSENCE, Jet, and Black Enterprise and has taught finance workshops at Duke University, the University of Michigan, and Google. She also is the author of the #1 Amazon Best Selling Book, "5+5 FNPhenomenal Ways to Save $100 This Week Without Killing Your Lifestyle." Connect with Aisha at FNPhenomenal.com, the “Phenomenal Moms With Aisha Taylor" podcast, and on Instagram @FNPhenomenal. Join the free challenge to reduce your grocery spending in 30 days.

6 Apps to Help you Save Money on Your Everyday Shopping

Have you ever felt guilty spending money? There was a time when I was working hard to build a savings account, and every time I swiped my card I felt guilty that the money wasn’t being used to fund ... Read more

Gratitude Instead of Commercialism this Christmas

I’m not one to create Christmas lists or be very vocal about what I want for Christmas. Normally, I’ll look for opportunities to serve or buy gifts for others to help make their season more enjoya... Read more

Living for Social Media vs. Being Present in the Moment

October has been a busy travel month for me. This month, I traveled to Disney with my family and then went to a conference in Las Vegas. As I was traveling, I felt a tug of war inside me between livin... Read more

Finding Time for You in the Back-to-School Season

Recently, I had been feeling so exhausted that as soon as I sat down on my couch I was falling asleep, even though I didn’t mean to. Things that didn’t normally drain me were totally draining me a... Read more

One of My Favorite Summer Activities To Do With The Kids

I love the beautiful weather, festivals and the seemingly endless fun activities to do with the kids in the summer. As much as I love those, there also is one thing that I really love: summer reading ... Read more

Just Because it is Broken Doesn’t Mean you Have to Fix it

One day, I was emptying the dish drying rack and putting away the dishes when my hand slipped.  I was holding my glass tea kettle with a tea infuser attachment and it hit the bottom of my Vitamix con... Read more

Why I’m Breaking One of my Financial Rules

I’ve written a number of posts about how I strive to pay as little as possible for my twins’ activities and also share how you can have phenomenal experiences with your children without spending a... Read more

My 2-Step Process to Maximize the Free Activities in my Kids' Schedule

In the beginning of motherhood, I was worried. I thought that if I couldn’t afford to travel or pay for a lot of stuff, then our lives would be void of phenomenal experiences. I believed that creati... Read more

The Number 1 Thing to do Before Buying an Annual Membership

About a week ago, my friend invited the twins and me on a visit to an amazing museum in Cleveland. Given that it was a holiday, I asked her if admission was free and she said “no.” I have wanted t... Read more

5 Fun Budget-Friendly Winter Activities to Do With Your Kids

It can be challenging to find activities for your children in the winter. During the summer it is pretty easy because if there is nothing on the calendar, the kids can always play outside. However, th... Read more

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