Check out Fun and Free STEAM Learning With GLSC’s Curiosity Corner LIVE This Summer

Check out Fun and Free STEAM Learning With GLSC’s Curiosity Corner LIVE This Summer

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If you are looking for quality STEAM learning for your child this summer, look no further than the Great Lakes Science Center (GLSC).

My family has been participating in free STEAM learning almost every day on the GLSC’s YouTube Channel featuring Curiosity Corner LIVE. These episodes are just as exciting (and sometimes explosive) as the LIVE demonstrations that they perform at the science center. As an added bonus, each episode includes a challenge, so your young scientist can test out their own scientific hypotheses at home!

Do you have a young computer scientist in the family? Check out episode 3 on coding with Yoda!

Your little chemist will love episode 26 on kitchen chemistry, episode 61 on flour paint and episode 91 on invisible ink. Check out the special Fathers Day message we created with episode 91!

Does your little physicist like exploring motion?  Check out episode 66 on pendulums, episode 85 on pulleys, and episode 89 on weird motion! In episode 85’s design challenge, we created our own pulley to make lunch!  Check out the video below.


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#Pulleys are simple machines often used to transport or lift heavy objects. Some examples of pulleys would be a flag pole to lift or remove a flag or a water well with a bucket to retrieve water. It is generally a wheel on an axle used to support movement. Humans have been using pulleys for thousands of years! If you hadn’t guessed yet, pulleys were the topic today on #CuriosityCornerLIVE with the @greatlakessciencecenter . We were getting hungry for lunch and found a creative way to deliver rice to our pot on the stove! We have to work on our angles a bit but most of the rice made it in! #momgineeringthefuture #StayCuriousCLE #STEM #stemeducation #stemforkids #stemforgirls #stemactivitiesforkids #stemactivities #cleveland #clevelandblogger #ohioblogger #midwestblogger #stemblogger #stemchallenges #clemom #stayathomemom #womanengineer #engineering #homeschooling #STEMprogramming #STEMactivity #stemforfamilies

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All future astronauts must watch episodes 19, 33, & 73 so they can be prepared for their future space missions! These episodes include interviews with a real NASA astronaut, surprise discussions with the astronauts on the space station and fun recaps of the Apollo missions.

Does your child like inventing?  Check out episode 77 on Garrett Morgan’s first street light and episode 80 on robotics.

Our street lamp challenge design.


Our robotics challenge, a robot named A-1 who cleans playrooms.

Curiosity Corner LIVE is about to hit its 100th episode on July 2 and you can vote on which science challenge you want to see on GLSC’s Facebook page!

My older child (age 5) has greatly enjoyed these fun at-home challenges and anxiously awaits the episodes each morning.

If you are interested to learn more about the episodes we’ve loved, check out all of my blog posts here, here, and here. You can also follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to check out the episodes we are participating in and the unique challenges we’ve completed!

Have fun keeping your kids curious this summer!


P.S. For more summer science fun, check out my article in the June/July 2020 issue of Northeast Ohio Parent on the topic of  sun, sand and science!

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