Here’s to the Beginning of Frugal Living!

Here’s to the Beginning of Frugal Living!

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Hi, y’all!

I am super stoked to be introducing myself as the newest addition to the Northeast Ohio Parent blogging team (insert happy dance)! 

My name is Leah! I’m a wife, mom and cheapskate (although I prefer “frugal-living enthusiast”). I was born and brought up in the suburbs of Cleveland, and before I delve into the wonderful world of blogging for Northeast Ohio Parent, you should know a few things first: 

  1. Although I use the word “y’all” upon occasion, I’m not the least bit southern.
  2. Technically I’m here as a “money-saving expert,” but you might catch me writing a thing or two about meals, parenting, or anything else that comes to mind.
  3. I like to use italics… for emphasis. 

Now that we’ve got that out in the open, let me tell you where this all began.

It all started two weeks ago. No seriously. It all started two weeks ago, maybe three — you get the point.

I’ve really enjoyed blogging as a hobby, but ultimately? My desire has always been to help people, so a couple weeks ago I created a Facebook group for Northeast Ohio mamas where I can share some of my tips for saving money. That group grew faster than I ever expected, and I realized then that there was a real need for this: a community of people helping others achieve their financial goals.

So I created NEOhio Frugal Living: currently an Instagram page aimed at providing Northeast Ohio with information on local deals, sales, and ways to save money. Although this adventure is brand spankin’ new, my love for writing and overall frugality has existed for quite some time (but more on that later). 

For now, go follow me on Instagram and if you’re a mom, check out my Facebook group, too!

I can’t wait to get started. Let the adventure begin!

About the author

Leah is a wife, mom of two girls, avid writer, and frugal-living enthusiast. She currently lives in Brunswick and greatly enjoys her daughters Lily and Lacy, cooking and baking, typography and hand-lettering, and playing her baby grand. Her passion is to help others find great deals and save money with the ultimate goal of becoming debt-free and building wealth.

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  1. A frugal wife and mother is every good man’s dream!YOU GO GIRL!

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