I’ve Lived Here for 10 Years Now… Here’s What’s Still on My Bucket List

I’ve Lived Here for 10 Years Now… Here’s What’s Still on My Bucket List

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This June marks 10 years since I moved to Ohio. In the past 10 years I have done a whole lot of living: marriage, moving, kids and more. And while I love my “new” home here in Ohio, I honestly have not really gotten to know my new home enough. I’ve had some great experiences like Stan Hywet, Indians/Browns/Cavs games, the zoo, etc., but there’s still so much more I want to do!

Now that my kids are older and summer is here, I think it’s the perfect time for me to get out and explore along with them. Here’s what’s on our bucket list for this summer:

1. Hike at all of the Metro Parks within 30 minutes of our home. We have done many of these, but I want to explore the ones that I’ve missed. The Summit, Lake and Cleveland Metroparks are amazing and definitely worth taking advantage of in the nice months.

2. Visit the Cleveland Museum of Art. I have enjoyed the Akron Art Museum a few times but have yet to make it up to the Cleveland Museum of Art, which is a shame because I’ve heard great things and it’s FREE.

3. Visit Put-In-Bay. I am an East Coast girl at heart and I love water. I’ve actually spent very little time on Lake Erie, so I want to take the ferry and explore South Bass Island.

4. Explore the Cuyahoga Valley National Park. There’s so much to do! This year is the River Celebration, celebrating 50 years since the fire, so there are some extra activities going on. I especially want to see the waterfalls and the Ledges.

5. Visit the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. I know, this is shocking but I still have not been! It is high on my list.

6. Take the Fannie May Chocolate Factory tour. I’m sure this probably isn’t as grand as I’m making it out to be in my head (like Willy Wonka’s), but I have seen that sign from I-77 so many times and I really want to take the tour; so this summer, I’m finally going to do it. Plus, my boys love watching shows about factories and manufacturing, so I know that they will be interested.

7. Wander the Stan Hywet Gardens. I have toured the inside of the home, but I have not explored the grounds.

OK, I want to hear from those of you who are natives or who have lived here for some time… what am I missing? What else do I need to get out and experience?

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