Cleveland Indians Baseball Door Hanger

Cleveland Indians Baseball Door Hanger

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Take me out to the ball game! It’s time for Cracker Jacks, peanuts and footlong hotdogs, my friends!

Oh, and of course, BASEBALL!

This door hanger would make a wonderful Father’s Day gift, too!

*I suppose if you are another MLB Team Fan (BLAH!) you could make this wreath as well by adding your own team decal*

This DIY craft is a bit more detailed than my past projects and requires a little more time. But, don’t fret! It’s still fast, frugal and freaking awesome! And I have made a very detailed tutorial for you to follow along with, so anyone can make it!

Here We Go! Batter Up!

First, collect all the supplies:

  • Leather strips (most craft stores have bags of leather strip/remnant pieces – similar to this)
  • 8 baseballs – you can find them here if you don’t already have used balls lying around.
  • Mini bat – I purchased mine here
  • Wood piece – Approx. 12×6 inches in size. Here is the one I used. This plaque was already stained.
  • 3×10-inch decal – I found mine in Walmart. Similar to this one
  • Galvanized wire, approximately 40 inches – found at most craft and hardware stores
  • Pliers
  • Cordless drill
  • 1/4-inch drill bit

We will start with the Indians sign for the top. Adhere the decal to the wood and slowly peel the top layer off. Slow and steady wins the race here, friends. While removing the peel, I did find some of the letters ripped slightly, but they were small tears and barely visible once the project was finished. I also removed the piece of twine that was attached to the back of the pallet sign when it was purchased, as I knew I would be using the leather instead.

*NOTE: If you are planning on keeping your finished door hanger inside or out of the weather, you are finished with this step. But, if it will be exposed to the elements, I highly suggest a layer of Mod Podge as well as a coat of polyurethane spray. *Note: the Mod Podge will leave a “milky” appearance while wet. Don’t panic, it will dry clear!

Using the 1/4-inch drill bit, drill a hole in each corner of your wood sign (about 1 inch in).

Again using the 1/4-inch drill bit, drill a hole clear through each baseball.

Run your wire through each baseball until you’ve made a half circle with the balls back to back. Cut off the extra wire with the pliers, leaving approx. 3 extra inches of wire on each end.

Using the pliers again, twist each end into a loop and secure by wrapping the end around the base of the loop.

Cut a 20-inch strip of leather and run each end through the top drilled holes of the sign. Knot them in place. This will serve as your “hanger.”

Taking 2 pieces of leather strip each about 7 inches long, attach the wire loops to the bottom drilled holes of the sign. Cut additional leather strap.

Lastly, take two 10-inch leather strip pieces and attach the mini bat by knotting the leather around the bat and wire.

This is most definitely a Home Run!


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