Little Omies: Yoga for Kids in the Greater Cleveland Area

Little Omies: Yoga for Kids in the Greater Cleveland Area

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Tis the season for New Year’s resolutions and, for a lot of us, getting in better shape is on the list. My son recently asked me if he could exercise with me, which got me thinking about ways you could keep your own New Year’s resolution to get in shape while incorporating your kids, too.

And what I found was, well, not as much as I hoped. There are a lot of places for kids to exercise and there are a lot of places for adults to exercise, but there aren’t many that allow for exercising together.

But, one thing that can start to bridge the gap is having your child do the same kind of exercises you do. Then, when you’re at home, you can develop those skills together.

This led me to yoga, which seems to be one of the most open exercise programs available to many ages and skill levels and well-suited to do at home with minimal equipment. I have practiced for six years now and find it not only a great workout, but really centering and calming.

If you’re a yogi already or would just like to dip your toe into trying yoga with your kids, here are some spots that also offer kids’ yoga classes, so you and your little one can both get some Zen:

Play, Move, and Be and Tween Yoga at Inner Bliss Yoga – Play, Move, and Be for ages 5-9 and Tween Yoga for ages 8-12, $14 per class

Family-Focused Yoga at Pink Lotus Yoga – children (ages 4-8) and preteen (ages 9-14) classes are available; $15 per class

Kids Yoga at Harmony Yoga Studios – ages 3-10; $13 per class, which includes a snack; there is also an adult class at the same time, so parents and kids can both practice simultaneously

Kids Yoga at Krysia Energy Yoga – open to ages 5-13, $5 per class

Parent & Child Yoga & Meditation at the Orange Recreation Center – ages 7-12 with a parent, 4 sessions from January 18 through February 8 for $59 for Orange residents and $69 for non-residents

All of the studios also offer adult classes from beginner to advanced, so yoga can be an activity that you can share with your children as you both develop a practice. Yoga is easy to practice at home together, too, once you have the basics down.


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