Magazine Behind-the-Scenes — ‘Winter Cover’

Magazine Behind-the-Scenes — ‘Winter Cover’

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Each month, we will take you behind-the-scenes of our magazine cover shoot.

Looking out the window right now, winter has finally arrived — snow, cold and wind. It’s perfect for what I was thinking for our January cover of Northeast Ohio Parent magazine. However, when we were planning the issue in December, there was no snow.

January is when winter ramps up in Northeast Ohio. All you see is bare trees, gray skies and snow. When thinking of this for our winter cover, it didn’t feel happy to me.

With hockey players in my household, we are always at the ice arena, but we don’t get to outdoor rinks as much as I would like — also, I don’t get to go ice skating, either.

For me, ice skating, which was featured in this month’s issue (see article here), brings happier memories.

My grandparents had a backyard pond. My sisters and I would ice skate until dark. Grandma would call us in by flashing the outside lights on and off. With our cheeks bright red, she would serve us something warm when we were done. Tea and hot cocoa were two of my favorites when I was kid.

Most everyone has these experiences as kids or with their own families — playing in the snow, doing some type of winter sport such as ice skating, or sharing a winter treat.

We thought we would incorporate some of those winter fun elements on the cover.

In photographer Kim Stahnke‘s studio, we created a winter wonderland. Skater’s Edge Ohio helped us by providing the figure skates shown on the cover.

A little prep work went into the photo shoot. We had to glue white pom poms on the gloves.

We also had to spread the “snow” around and keep the marshmallows from melting in the hot cocoa.

Even though for this January cover we didn’t have to deal with what’s going on outside right now, the cover photo does make me want to lace up my old skates.

Check in next month to see what happened in the February issue’s cover shoot!

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Angela Gartner is the editor of Northeast Ohio Parent magazine, wife, and mom of two boys. She loves to read, watch her sons play hockey and take care of the family's Scottish Terrier. She shares her experience as a boy mom and how she manages life as a working parent. Also, read her monthly "Editor's Note" column, other timely articles, and get a behind-the-scenes look at the magazine.

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