No Turkey Left Behind: Waste Less this Thanksgiving

Each year approximately 46 million turkeys — nearly 700 million pounds of meat — are purchased at Thanksgiving. Sadly, more than 30 percent of that will get thrown away this holiday season. Check out some ideas to help your family gobble up those leftovers this Thanksgiving. Because one of the best ways to be thankful for what you have is to avoid wasting it. ...
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Yelp Cleveland’s Guide to Tasty Treats

It’s no secret that Northeast Ohio is a sweet place to be. Halloween may be just around the corner, but if you’re craving a tasty treat now, our partners at Yelp Cleveland are here to help give you a sugar rush. Check out these five area sweets shops for unique treats with local flair. ...
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Not-so-Scary Halloween Snacks

Halloween and sweets go hand in hand, but what isn’t so sweet is the amount of sugar our children end up consuming during all the spooktacular festivities. We offer tips and recipes that will help you create festive Halloween treats that are low in sugar and free of artificial colors and flavors. These definitely won’t leave you or your kids feeling tricked. ...
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Kids can play in the fountain in Cleveland Public Square

Yelp Cleveland’s Cheap Eats Cheat Sheet

Taking the whole family out to eat doesn't have to break your budget. You don't need to spend big bucks to be a family of foodies, especially since our friends at Yelp Cleveland provide a cheat sheet of some of Northeast Ohio's best kid-approved cheap eats. ...
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Pack healthy school lunches for kids

Ideas for Creating Fun School Lunches

By letting your kids play a role in planning and packing their lunches — while tossing in a variety of appealing, fun options — you can make sure they are set up for success. Find out some different packing options and ways kids can get involved. ...
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healthy and safe school lunches

Safe School Lunches: Pack to Keep Out Bacteria with these Food Handling Tips

The morning rush can hinder time spent ensuring lunches are packed not only healthily, but safely. Follow these tips from the U.S. Department of Agriculture to make sure your kids' school lunches make the grade when it comes to proper preparation and storage. ...
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Meal prep and healthy snack choices for busy parents.

Meal Planning Tips for Busy Families

Back-to-school time brings a return to busy schedules, leaving many families scrambling to find the time to prepare fresh, healthy meals and snacks. Learn a few tips to make meal prep easier, plus healthy snack suggestions for kids and adults. ...
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Food chaining for kids who are picky eaters

Food Chaining: Double the Number of Foods Your Child Eats

Getting your toddler or preschooler to stop playing and sit down to dinner is challenging enough, let alone getting them to eat the nutritious meal you just prepared. For some kids, fussy eating is a fleeting stage. For others, it can become an ongoing challenge and make mealtime a stressful, chaotic experience for everyone involved. Learn about food chaining for picky eaters, including examples to use with your own child. ...
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