Parent’s Day Out — Renewing Love at Chagrin Falls

Parent’s Day Out — Renewing Love at Chagrin Falls

by Tarah King

photoAs parents of two daughters, a rambunctious 3-year-old and an infant born just this past September, my husband Kevin and I quickly learned how finding time for ourselves as a couple has become more and more challenging. As our five-year wedding anniversary approached in November, we decided that the best way to celebrate it was indulging in some “us” time. We would renew our vows at the very place it all began — in Chagrin Falls.

Kevin proposed to me in September 2008 on a park bench right in front of the beautiful waterfalls. He patiently waited for me to finish my ice cream cone from The Popcorn Shop (53 N. Main St.) before getting down on one knee and asking me to marry him. We spent the night listening and dancing to live music at the Greenville Inn (7150 Pine St.) with our families that evening.

This location also stood as the backdrop for our engagement photos. So, it only made sense that our vow renewal took place in front of that very bench.

We were blessed to have the big dream wedding five years ago, however, this vow experience was different.

Our Friday morning, 10-minute ceremony included just the two of us, standing in front of our officiant. We didn’t let our families know about our vow renewal until after the fact. It was cold and snow began to fall, but I couldn’t have imagined a more picturesque moment.

The water was tranquil and the leaves were vibrant in color. Friendly passersby excitedly shouted “Congratulations!” but our eyes never broke contact with each other. It felt as if time froze for us — I’m pretty sure it wasn’t the result of that snow.

After the ceremony, we snapped some pictures with our camera phones and walked over to Fresh Start Diner (16 N. Main St.). As we enjoyed breakfast (you can’t beat a $2.50 pancake that’s bigger than the size of your head), we reminisced about all of the time we’ve spent together in Chagrin Falls.

Whether it was dinner at Rick’s Café (86 N. Main St.) or our yearly visit to the Blossom Time Festival every Memorial Day weekend, we’ve always enjoyed our visits.

We’ve also had many miniature golf challenges at The Golf Dome (8198 Washington St.) and an occasional movie night at Chagrin Cinemas (8200 E. Washington St.). The quaint feel of the town is what keeps bringing us back.

We are so thrilled that we can share these great memories with our children while creating news ones in such a special place.

Our first daughter’s one-year photo session took place by that park bench.

Our second daughter’s one-year photo session will follow suit.

We look so forward to the many ice cream cones, carnival rides and shopping ventures we will experience with our growing family. And — to think it all started with a question, in the park, at a bench in Chagrin Falls.

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