Books & Crafts to Enjoy During Black History Month and Beyond!

Books & Crafts to Enjoy During Black History Month and Beyond!

Every February, we celebrate the achievements and history of African Americans as part of Black History Month. Engage in some fun activities such as reading and crafting to honor the accomplishments of Black men and women. We have some inspiring options for you and your kids!

Your Name Is a Song By Jamilah Thompkins-Bigelow
This read is an incredible tribute to the power, strength, and beauty in a name. The book includes names of all types and you can feel the sway of the song as the little girl sings the names.

Look What Brown Can Do! By T. Marie Harris
Foster your little one’s imagination and encourage them to dream big with this modern Black History book created to inspire brown children everywhere.

I AM…(Positive Affirmations for Brown Boys) By Ayesha Rodriguez
In this book for boys, the author uses rhyming verses, followed by a positive affirmation. I am and the words that follow are powerful. Repeated affirmations will build up your child’s self-esteem and transform his sense of self!

Imagine Life Without African-American Inventors By Charron Monaye
Did you know your cellphone was invented by an African American? What about the doorknob, mailbox, or the home security system? Through the book, you will learn along with Mr. Kentrell’s class just how African American women and men contributed to the world we live in.

I Promise By LeBron James
I Promise is a lively and inspiring picture book that reminds us that tomorrow’s success starts with the promises we make to ourselves and our community today.




Learn about inventor Garrett Morgan with the Traffic Light Craft
Morgan, an inventor, African American, and Cleveland resident, created one of the most useful inventions of all time: the traffic light Have your kids learn about Morgan by creating this traffic light craft. Talk to them about the importance of the traffic light and how Morgan changed our roadways.

Supplies Needed:
-Black Construction Paper
-Red Construction Paper
-Green Construction Paper
-Yellow Construction Paper
-Red, Green, and Gold Glitter

Cut out a red, green, and yellow circle. Glue the circles on the black paper in the order of red, yellow, and green. For extra fun, add some glue to each of the circles and add the same color glitter as the circle.
Source: Pinterest

Freedom Quilt – Paper Squares
Use the word bank below and research the name of a slave’s quilt square. In your own words, explain what the quilt’s message was. Create a quilt square based on your definition.

Word Bank:
North Star
Drunkard’s Path
Wagon Wheel
Flying Geese
Monkey Wrench
Tumbling Blocks
Bear’s Paws
Broken Dishes or Bow Tie

Supplied Needed:
Colored pencils, crayons, markers, ruler, and construction paper

Broken Dishes or Bow Tie

Flying Geese
Source: Pinterest 

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