Feeding Backyard Birds With Lake Metroparks

Feeding Backyard Birds With Lake Metroparks

Spring has sprung in Northeast Ohio, and it’s the perfect time to welcome hungry birds to your yard.

Are you new to backyard bird feeding and want to know how to get started? Watch this video by Lake Metroparks to learn about the different types of food and feeders you can use to attract birds to your yard.

Make it a family activity by letting your kids help decide which type of feeder and seed you’ll use, then sit and watch for feathered friends together.

Lake Metroparks Birding Facebook Group: Birding is a great way to stay connected to the natural world. Lake Metroparks offers some of the best birding locations in northeast Ohio. Sponsored and administered by Lake Metroparks, this group is for anyone with an interest in birding and is focused on birds seen in our parks.

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