How to Make ‘Elephant Toothpaste’

How to Make ‘Elephant Toothpaste’


MilliporeSigma is passionate about inspiring the next generation of scientists. While it typically works to accomplish this through a variety of programs including SPARK™Curiosity Labs™ and the Curiosity Cube®, because many families are learning from home, the company is bringing a little curiosity directly to them in the Curiosity Labs™ at Home series.

MilliporeSigma has created a number of easy and educational science experiments that can be completed at home with materials typically found around the house.

Are you interested in chemical reactions? Check out this video — used as part of the Northeast Ohio Parent KidStream video series — to learn how to make an “elephant” sized reaction! Click here for a recipe card and lab report for this project, as well as more available experiments.

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