View ‘Butterflies of North America’ at Stan Hywet

View ‘Butterflies of North America’ at Stan Hywet


Winged residents have returned to the Butterflies of North America exhibit at Stan Hywet Hall & Gardens.

Watch as Fran LaMasters, butterfly breeder from All A Flutter Butterfly, releases several different species of butterflies into Stan Hywet’s outdoor exhibit, located next to the Corbin Conservatory and housed in a specially-built screened butterfly habitat.

Butterflies of North America is open through early September and features a variety of butterflies including the Monarch, Red Fritillary, Black swallowtail, Question Mark, Painted Lady, Mourning Cloak and the Buckeye, which rotate throughout the exhibit over the summer. Visitors to the hoop house can get up close to the butterflies, including feeding them nectar and fruit juices soaked on cotton swabs and viewing the four stages of the butterfly lifecycle.

Educational activities and informational materials are available in the habitat and explain butterfly life cycles, what butterflies eat, and why they are important to the environment.

For more information about upcoming family programs, at Stan Hywet, click here.

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