Summer Advice from Northeast Ohio Parent Bloggers

Summer Advice from Northeast Ohio Parent Bloggers

Northeast Ohio Parent Bloggers share advice on how parents can take advantage of the sunny season, whether enjoying your days at home or going out for an adventure in the region. 



Michelle Dickstein of  “Life Coaching, LLC
“Head to the Ohio State Park system and hike, go camping, or rent a cabin. It’s a great way to explore local attractions and see nature in our own backyard.”


Aisha Taylor of  FNPhenomenal
“Enjoy the summer (safely). There is so much to do and explore in our beautiful city. Explore nature, whether it is a hike through the Metroparks, a scavenger hunt in your own neighborhood, visit to one of the Lake Erie beaches, or garden. These are my favorite things to do with my twins. The opportunities for an amazing, safe summer are endless” 


Melissa Koski Carney of “I Crashed The Web
“Let playtime rule! As parents, we can get too caught up in trying to schedule every minute and plan educational activities. In summer, take the load off yourself — and your kids — and make every day about having fun. The learning will come later!” 


Lindsay McCoy 
of “Mommy on Assignment
“Preparing for our summer outings the night before is key. I typically pack up the diaper bag, pool bags and anything else I may need in the evening, so I can wake up and get in the car as quickly as possible the next day. I always plan at least one fun new outing each week.” 


Carissa R. Godbott of “The Green Eyed Lady
“I know many parents are scrambling to find summer camps and events for their child to attend this summer due to last summer being very different! However, this summer, take some time to enjoy the days… go swimming, have dinner outside in your backyard, play in the sprinkler, go for a walk on the walking trails, have a water balloon fight, sit and talk around the fire pit. Just because the world is opening back up doesn’t mean that we have to go back to the hustle and bustle of everyday life. The creative things you did last year to make summer fun, add some of those to this summer!” 

Leah Artman of “NEOhio Frugal Living
“Take advantage of all the warm, sunny days. Take a scenic drive and have a picnic. By the time winter comes back around, you’ll wish you had those fleeting summer days back!”


Kristen Antosh of “Momgineering the Future
“Let your child’s curiosity be your family’s road map this summer.”



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