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Melissa Koski Carney (known as @koskim on social media) is an Ohio transplant from New York. A 30-something mom of two, she recently moved with her family from their downtown apartment to a nearly 100-year-old home in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio. She works full-time as a marketing communications professional. When she’s not working, blogging, or juggling two children under the age of three, she enjoys running, baking and reading; as well as hanging out with the other women she has met through her Ladies Craft Beer Society. She blogs regularly at I Crashed The Web.

Staying Sane During a Pandemic While Working At Home With Kids

As I turned the calendar to 2021, I can’t help but marvel at the last nine months. I can’t believe that I’ve been working at home during a pandemic for nine months with two young kids at home. W... Read more

6 Ways to Celebrate Halloween With Kids That Don’t Involve Trick-Or-Treating

Halloween looks a little different around here this year. Trick-or-treating is canceled in some neighborhoods, or adapted to be more pandemic-friendly. In-school Halloween parties aren’t happening, ... Read more

The Things We've Gained

There are a lot of things we’ve given up the past few months. Trips to see the grandparents. Planned vacations with friends from Canada. Holidays with family. In-person races. Going to my best frien... Read more

To All the Parents Having a Hard Time Right Now

A few days ago, I had a bad day. The stress of the previous few months finally got to me, and I just broke down. I was upset for so many reasons, but one thing really got to me: the guilt.  I’ve... Read more

Unique Gift Ideas for Toddlers and Preschoolers

In one of my friend groups, I’m the only mom, so I often get asked for gift ideas when someone is shopping for a family with preschoolers or toddlers. And while my kids LOVE nearly any present that ... Read more

New Year, New Running Goals? Steps to Start Training for a Marathon

Was one of your New Year’s resolutions to run a marathon in 2020? Congrats! After the excitement for signing up for your first race wears off, you may be wondering, “What do I do now?” I ran... Read more

5 Tips for Beating Stress During the Holidays and Into the New Year

Before I had kids, I hardly found the holidays stressful. In fact, when people talked about the stress of the season, I was confused. Stress? What stress? For me, the holidays included sleeping in, st... Read more

What Not to Say to Someone Returning from Maternity Leave

It’s been more than a year since I went out on maternity leave for the second time. A little over a year ago, I was starting to figure out double daycare drop off and pickups, our new routine, and h... Read more

Lessons Learned After Losing Power for 5 Days

A few weeks ago, my neighborhood was hit by a huge storm. There was damage to our home, which resulted in us being without power for five days (among other things). If you had asked me a few weeks ag... Read more

My Favorite Healthy Weeknight Meals

Since having kids, I’ve gotten lazy efficient in my meal prep. Gone are the days of leaving work at 6 p.m., picking up groceries, then starting to make a semi-complicated meal and eating dinner at 8... Read more

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