New Year, New Admission Prices at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

New Year, New Admission Prices at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History is reducing general admission prices for all guests to $10 per adult and $7 per youth, senior, or college student. Admission for children ages 2 and under are free. General admission includes access to the Smead Discovery Center, the Ralph Perkins II Wildlife Center & Woods Garden, Corning Gallery, all shows in the newly reopened Nathan and Fannye Shafran Planetarium and 3D movies in the Museum’s Murch Auditorium.

The Cleveland Museum of Natural History is currently undergoing a transformation project which features an expansion, a complete reimagining of its campus and all its exhibits, and the addition of new public spaces, and is encouraging the community’s continued support during construction. The museum has adjusted its pricing in recognition of the fact that much work has been accomplished this year, and there is still more to be done.

While the museum of the future is in progress, some exhibits are undergoing necessary restoration and updates to reflect the latest scientific research.

The following items and galleries are currently off exhibit until fall 2023:

-Balto the heroic sled dog

-All dinosaur and prehistoric animal mounts in the Kirtland Hall of Prehistoric Life, including – Dunkleosteus terrelli (“Dunk”) and permanent mounts of the dinosaurs Tyrannosaurus rex, Triceratops, and Edmontosaurus

-The Human Origins Gallery, including human ancestor “Lucy”

-Reinberger Hall of Earth & Planetary Exploration

-The Jeptha Homer Wade II Gallery of Gems & Jewels, including the Moon rock

-The Diversity of Life Hall, featuring a hands-on fossil timeline

Visitors are invited to explore new and reimagined spaces and exhibits including:

The reimagined Smead Discovery Center—Encourages hands-on learning through interactive activities, providing accessible opportunities for all styles of learners. Guests of all ages will enjoy the wonders of science and nature together as they dig for dinosaurs, take an up-close look at Museum specimens, design their own constellations, and more.

Murch Auditorium –  Now featuring 3D movies through a partnership with D3D Cinema. The auditorium’s inaugural Cinefolio films are Superpower Dogs, an immersive adventure celebrating the inspiring bravery of some of the world’s most amazing dogs, and Dinosaurs Alive!, a global journey that brings to life creatures from the Triassic to the Cretaceous Period.

Nathan and Fannye Shafran Planetarium – Reopened with upgraded technology and seating. The Museum’s astronomy team is eager to share the planetarium’s newest program, Unfolding the Universe, which highlights images from NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

Corning Gallery – Currently hosting exhibits of the Museum’s bound first-edition set of 19th-century artist and naturalist John James Audubon’s Birds of America and the Museum’s complete set of Pop Art icon Andy Warhol’s Endangered Species, 10 vibrant screenprints featuring animals at risk of extinction.

The Ralph Perkins II Wildlife Center & Woods Garden— Open year-round, is home to a variety of live animals that are native to Ohio.

View a complete list of current exhibits at

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