Gilmour Academy

Gilmour Academy

34001 Cedar Road
Gates Mills, OH

Better Together

Gilmour Academy is uniquely positioned as both an independent and Catholic school. It is a rarity in northeast Ohio for a student to be able to reap the benefits of both types of schools simultaneously.


Our status as an independent school means small class sizes and a personalized approach to education. With an average class size of 15, teachers are able to understand how each of their students learns, and tailor instruction accordingly. The impact of this individualized instruction is twofold. Students are more engaged and emerge with a firmer grasp of the content while teachers and students form deep and lasting relationships. On any given day, you will find Gilmour faculty members in the stands at a student’s game, serving as an advisor for a brand new student-generated club, working alongside a student in a science lab, or accompanying their advisory group on a service project.

As a Catholic school, our ultimate measure of success lies in how our students use their knowledge and talents to make the world a better place. Through religious studies, social service requirements and an emphasis on tolerance and respect, we cultivate an atmosphere in which young men and women of all faiths develop the courage to act, to stand up for what is right, and to lead others by example.

The result of this duality of mission – educating the minds while empowering the hearts – is students who emerge as confident leaders with a strong moral compass and sense of purpose.

This exciting approach to learning begins with our Lower School students and continues through the Middle and Upper Schools. With a full-time coordinator of academic technology dedicated to sourcing cutting-edge methods for employing technology in instruction, our teachers are provided every tool to create an exceptional student experience. Hands-on, experiential learning and our 144-acre campus bring subject matter to life. Environmental science studies take on new meaning when students learn biodiversity and classification by exploring our campus pond and the woods around it. And a social studies unit on Native Americans becomes a lot more interesting when you head outdoors to the field and build life-size teepees. Molecular genetics is suddenly understandable when completing an internship alongside a researcher at Case Western. And social justice issues hit close to home when you spend a semester researching an issue and interviewing those whom it impacts. These are just some of the ways we educate both the minds and the hearts of students of all ages at Gilmour.     


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