The Lillian and Betty Ratner Montessori School

The Lillian and Betty Ratner Montessori School

27575 Shaker Blvd.
Cleveland, OH 44124

Each child is unique. So is your child’s learning style. Some thrive in a big school. Others do better in a more intimate environment with smaller classes and more teacher one-on-one time. The Ratner School is that kind of school. Serving toddlers through 8th grade, the Montessori foundation and diversity of learning styles guide the way we teach and define our curriculum and our community. The school offers Montessori classrooms for students 20 months to 6 years old and Montessori-influenced primary and middle school.

The Ratner School’s dynamic and nurturing learning environment, enriched by Jewish values, fosters respect, creativity and a love of learning. Though a unique STEAM curriculum, students have the 21st century tools at their fingertips. An outdoor learning laboratory allows students to explore nature and ways they can contribute to a sustainable environment, and a dynamic visual arts program challenges students to interpersonal growth.

The school’s nurturing and academically robust environment includes diverse multi-age classrooms and one-on-one time between students and teachers. Ask about tuition credit program.

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